First Aid Kit Must Be the Necessary Companion of Travelers on Their Vacations

    Taking preventive measures to avoid possible risks

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    The arrival of vacations are synonymous with travel, many families make the beaches or mountains their favorite destinations, however, part of a successful break goes hand in hand with taking preventive measures to avoid possible risks.

    Experts recommend paying attention to the place you are going to visit, if it is a beach or mountain, the climate, if there are any type of insects or animals and even the food that is going to be ingested

    The first-aid kit should be a travel companion and although on occasion it returns as it was carried, it is better to be cautious and not underestimate the eventual benefit that may be given by it.

    But: What should a first aid kit carry?

    – Include daily medications

    If in your routine you usually comply with taking certain pills, injections or syrups, it is the first thing that you should carry the medicine cabinet. When they are drugs associated with chronic conditions, it is important to respect the times when they should be taken, a good practice is to use alarms as reminders.

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    – Sun protection articles

    It is important to consider that not only the beach puts the skin at risk, the mountain is even closer to the sun and there is more exposure. Applying sunscreen 30 minutes before and constantly, even more after sweating, swimming or exercising is essential

    – Antiallergics

    They are also important in this kit as they can be useful in the prevention of allergies either due to strong changes in temperature, a sting or, the intake of some food.

    – Serums

    Sometimes water is not enough to stay hydrated

    – Repellents

    Using them preventively minimizes the risk of bites. It is recommended to apply it a few minutes before participating in walks or outdoor tours.

    – Medicines for pain, inflammation and fever

    It is a time to enjoy with family and friends, but although it is true, when people leave the house we are always exposed to our health being affected for different reasons: changes in temperature, poor diet, bites, possible falls or blows, etc. One does not play with health and prevention is the most important thing, so we urge that before going on vacation prepare a first-aid kit to avoid these possible risks and start a new year without regret.

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