Costa Rica Recovered 27 of the 29 Airlines That Flew Before the Pandemic

    Reactivating the country's tourism activity

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    One of the main goals of Costa Rica to reactivate the country’s tourism activity is to recover air activity, a mission that the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT) has undertaken since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic.And it is that to date 27 of the 29 airlines that traveled before the pandemic have returned to the country.

    “In such a way that we would already be recovering from the 29 airlines that flew before the pandemic, we would already be counting on 27,” said the Tourism Minister. Having as priority objectives to continue strengthening Costa Rica’s air connectivity with other countries.

    A great success

    “This is undoubtedly a great success of the work done, but it is a job that we must maintain, because it is what opens the doors to have more seats for tourists who visit us from different destinations,” added Alvarado.

    The Guanacaste airport has already recovered all airlines that flew before the pandemic and only in November added five new routes from the main markets. While the Juan Santamaría International Airport connects with 26 destinations around the world, through the operation of 22 international airlines.

    In addition to the recovery of the airlines, the tourism authorities highlight the opening of new air routes from key markets, such as the United States, Canada, Mexico and the United Kingdom.
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