Sardinal Station in Guanacaste Recorded the Highest Temperature of this Year

    Global warming having a direct impact on Costa Rica

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    The National Meteorological Institute (IMN) reported this past Thursday the highest temperature recorded so far in 2023.The meteorological station in Artola de Sardinal in Carrillo, Guanacaste, registered a temperature of 40.0 °C.

    “A year ago, that was also the highest temperature in this place, however, it was recorded earlier in the month: April 3, 2022,” said the IMN.BCR SAFI will give explanations this Friday to investors concerned about the real estate fund”However, this year, in the absence of La Niña, it is very likely that this temperature will be easily exceeded,” they explained.

    According to experts, for the month of July, the influence of the El Niño phenomenon will begin to be felt in Costa Rica. And due to this climatic phenomenon, a drought is expected for approximately a year and a half.

    What does it generate?

    The El Niño phase can be moderate or intense and generate:

    • Decrease in the formation of Tropical Cyclones
    • High temperaturas
    • Rainfall deficit in the Pacific and Central Valley
    • Excess rainfall on the Caribbean slope

    Rather beneficial

    For the Caribbean it would be beneficial, since since August 2022 it has had a meteorological drought, with a deficit that it has not seen for 30 years.According to IMN records, the 2014-2015 drought caused by a Niño phase was the most intense since 1930. It caused great damage to the agricultural and livestock sector on the Pacific slope.

    Meanwhile, in 2019, it caused a decrease of up to 55% in rainfall throughout the country. The North and South Caribbean, presented a deficit of 75%.”Although the percentage of having this phenomenon is very high, in July it will be analyzed again, because it has also happened that the formation is expected and it does not happen,” the IMN clarified.


    On the other hand, experts foresee that the conditions in the country will continue to be hot, mainly in sectors near the coast and lowlands.“Maximum temperatures will be around between 32°C and 38°C this Thursday, due to little cloudiness and humidity from the maritime sectors. For the Central Valley, the maximum temperatures will be between 25°C and 30°C,” they reported.

    While the rains are only expected in the mountains of the Central and South Pacific during the afternoon. At night, partial cloudiness will predominate, without significant rain.

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