San Carlos is Home to Animals in Danger of Extinction

    The world's smallest anteater and the harpy eagle were seen in Boca Tapada de Pital

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    The Maquenque National Mixed Wildlife Refuge, in Boca Tapada de Pital, in San Carlos, is home to diverse fauna, including some endangered species.Recently, the smallest anteater in the world, also called “serafíndelPlatanar”, silky or ceibita, was seen in the forests of the refuge by residents of the area.

    Very rare sightings

    The surprising thing for those who observed it, is that this species is in danger of extinction, and it is not common for them to be seen during the day, since they are nocturnal.

    According to Julio Artavia, operations manager of MaquenqueEcolodge, “the neighbors always call us when they find a different little animal, because as the hotel is inside the refuge, we are committed to collaborating with the protection of all animal life, caring for them and integrating them in a safe way”.

    Artavia commented that these visits are appreciated by the hotel and by visitors, such as the sighting last July of the harpy eagle, another endangered species.He also commented that among the reasons why the species visit the refuge, they are: it has more than 1,000 hectares, it has forests and wetlands and it adjoins more protected areas.
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