Receive New Year with All the Wonders that Costa Rica Has to Offer!

Welcome 2019 at the Very “Tico” Style

There are only hours left to say goodbye to the year 2018, to draw new projects towards our surroundings and, of course, for our spiritual being. A year of great news is going on, of experiences for Costa Ricans, good and bad, but all lived with the conviction of being better, of learning and teaching.

Costa Rica continues to be a welcoming country for its inhabitants and foreigners alike, who love to explore it. Unforgettable for its biodiversity, its exotic birds, its beaches and beautiful sunsets, its flowers, its marine wealth, its shops, opportunities, and its people, all with their characteristics, that in one way or another, give you authentic warmth.

One of the many wonderful and impressive beaches in Costa Rica

Have you ever thought what will you do in Costa Rica to receive the New Year 2019?

You can go to a beach and in the company of nature, in addition to the sound of the waves say “Welcome New Year”. In Costa Rica, there are around 300 different beaches along its impressive coastline of the Pacific and Caribbean, each with its particular characteristics, without losing their beautiful essence of the beautiful. The sands vary in color (white, black and brown), at them you can swim, play, tan, surf or just simply relax.

Some of the most recommended beaches…

Playa Tamarindo is very constant among visitors and of course its locals. Every year, there is a full beach party and all the bars keep open. The roads can become very collapsed by the huge traffic. The fireworks at midnight are spectacular. Drake Bay, (northern part of the Osa Peninsula), is ideal for any adventurer who wishes to receive a new year in a tropical paradise.

A sunset in Drake Bay

If you want to be more intimate, Uvita is the place, it is ideal for being with the person you can enjoy a great sunrise with. Another destination to receive the new year would be Playa Grande, which is located after the Mata Palo River bordering Tamarindo, with numerous natural pools that form at low tide.

Traditions, meals and much more…

For any special occasion, nothing better than being accompanied by the people we love, our couple, family and friends. In Costa Rica, New Year’s Eve is traditionally a very family-oriented party.

Every country has something unique. If we talk about traditions, here the best known is eating 12 grapes at midnight, one for every new month to come, and making a wish each time. The girls are very aware of the type of clothing they will use to receive the 2019 and what the color will be, as well as the underwear, it is said that wearing yellow underwear is attracting good fortune next year.

Green underwear is used to attract money. And if you want to attract your soul mate in the next year, be sure to wear red underwear. Another New Year tradition: Throw a glassful of water over your shoulder. This is supposed to symbolize leaving behind the difficult times of the past year so that ‘you can have a great new start.

The Zapote Fiesta

It is one of the most enjoyed public festivity in Costa Rica and takes place from Christmas afternoon until New Year’s Eve. It lasts for 6 days, a non-stop celebration full of dancing, music, bullfights, drinks, traditional food, games, attractions, and much more.

In the town of Zapote, east of San José is installed in the last week of each year, a fairground full of good music in improvised stands called “Chinamos”, rides and vintage foods like churros, Vigorón ( pork on skewers), and sweet-coated apples are on hand.

The main attraction is the activity in the bullring of Zapote, where traditional bullfights are held in the evenings, including improvised bullfighters that catch everyone’s attention. This “A la Tica” spectacle is characterized by the fact that instead of a lone bullfighter, dozens of people enter the arena, not armed with a capote and banderillas (cloak and daggers), but with balloons and all kinds of objects to “play” with the bull.  A show that is not about sacrificing the animal…

Finally, let’s talk about the food to receive the New Year throughout Costa Rica. Its preparation has been perfected with the passing of time, incorporating products such as pork and Mediterranean fruits such as plums or olives. The families carry out the traditional “Tamaleadas”, a day dedicated to preparing tamales, with all the love and good vibes possible. In the past, most of the ingredients were taken directly from the land or the farm, although in today’s lifestyle, especially in the cities this has varied, the main theme remains… The secret of a good tamale is in the dough!!

Pork and chicken tamale

Succulent traditional dishes

Turkey, pork, or roasted chicken are the alternatives for the main Christmas dishes, usually accompanied with white rice. The delicious “Pupusas” are corn tortilla with cheese and inside carries pork rinds. Vigorón is prepared with cabbage, tomato, yucca, and “Chicharrón” (deep fried pork slices), is served on a banana leaf. “Picadillos” is fabulous, and the salads… Wow! Desserts are that closing touch at each party, mainly at the end of the year. The apples and the caramel coconut flan are here for saying bye-bye 2018.

So know you have options to say goodbye to the year in Costa Rica and enjoy their incredible foods and traditions, which fill with bliss all those who make this place their own.

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