Ecoferia Dominical Said Goodbye to a Year of Good Experiences and Learning

More than a “Goodbye”, It Was a “See You Soon”…

The EcoFeria “family”

Definitely, 2018 was a great year for the wonderful family of the EcoFeria Camino Real, who every Friday filled with local magic all spaces at the Plaza Patron’s in Dominical.

Keyna, Grettel, Krishna, Giovanny and, of course, The Costa Rica News, remained constant with the initiative of “#Free of Plastic and Pesticides”. In addition to the processing of biodegradable waste, both locals and foreign visitors learned the value of recycling and the production of organic foods and products.

Organizing the EcoFeria became the perfect showcase to highlight the “Magic Made Locally”. These activities were the result of a large family formed by the love, pride, and harmony of the vendors who participated. All of them always coincided, with the organizing group, in promoting a change in the awareness for a more sustainable way of living.

Artistic activities were also present at the EcoFeria

Children were active participants along with their parents. Pets (dogs) interacted with their owners and with nature in a friendly way. Kirk and his yoga, Gabriela Camino with her music, Hazel Munoz displaying the art, and all of the local producers and farmers were part of incredible and unforgettable Fridays.

The music of Drew LaPlante, the band “Arbore Lume”, Ellie Dufresne and her piano, Camilo Poltronieri, the “Happy Feet” ballet, and the dances of “Abriendo Caminos” gave that special touch to those who attended the EcoFeria throughout last year.

Camilo Poltronieri

All of them contributed towards a more ecological present and future, with peace towards the good Planet Earth, and a sense of belonging to what is done by hand. No doubt that it was achieved with the will to collectively grow and leave meaningful results.

SOURCEMaría Donaire
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