Sex Education: The Netflix Series that Seeks to Break Taboos

It Will Premiere on January 11th

One of the great promises of Netflix for 2019 is the British series “Sex Education”. This production seeks to break the great taboos that society has towards sexuality.

The series, which presents content in tune with the changes in society, will be released on January 11. With the production of this series, the aim is to offer something different that shows sex even in the smallest parts of the characters’ lives.

To develop the plot, a neurotic mother will bring the story to life through the passion she shows about sex when she talks to her 14-year-old son. His spicy and funny personality seeks to leave behind the taboo of sexual relations so that his son can see sex naturally and stop being a shameful subject.

The main characters of the series

In addition, the tragicomedy of Netflix narrates in detail the life of Otis, a mediocre teenager whose only goal in life is to lose his virginity. However, this desire is very difficult for him due to his insecurity problems.

The series has received many criticisms without having been released, mainly by a more conservative audience because of the type of message that it seeks to communicate.

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SOURCESilvia Mora
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