Realistic, Down-to-Earth Recommendations When Investing in Costa Rican Real Estate

    Columbus Heights at Puntarenas, your best option for a sound, long term investment

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    Investing in real estate is one of the best ways to secure your future and your money. However, when acquiring a property you need to take into account certain factors so that your investment pays off and is fruitful.

    Connectivity, location and developments around the property are key elements but not the only ones that you should take into account if you are thinking of buying a property.

    Even investing where everyone else is doing it does not guarantee a safe investment, and that is the reason why many refrain from dabbling in real estate investing: they are afraid of not making the right decision.

    Do not worry. If you are thinking of investing but do not know where to start, we have prepared some realistic, down to earth tips for investing in real estate and not die trying, so you can clarify your doubts and feel safe when making your purchase.

    “Realistic” and “Down-to-Earth” tips to invest in real estate:

    • Think about the objective for your investment

    As obvious as this sounds, one of the first steps you should take is to define the objective of your investment. And we are not only talking about the amount you want to invest, but also the utility that you will give to the property and the type of property that you plan to acquire. Why do you want to acquire the property? Rent it, resell it, to live in it with your family? It is important that you know for what purpose you are going to make the investment so that you are very clear about the area in which it is best for you to buy.

    2. Obtaining Professional advice

    Acquiring a property should not bring you worries or problems; on the contrary, it is an investment that is ensuring your money and your future. That is why one of our first pieces of advice is to look at the real estate agency with which you are making the deal or with which it is advising you in the process.

    Working with a solid company with experience in the real estate market is ideal, as it guarantees that they have the knowledge to know which are the areas where you should invest, where the growth of the locality is headed, and the ideal type of property to you. And even more if you do not live in the area in which you want to invest. An experienced real estate agency already knows what are the legal processes you need to go through for the contract —which takes away one less worry— accompanying you in this process so that you feel more secure.

    Another element that you should look at is the relationship that the real estate company has with the construction company that is building the properties. We advise you to look for companies that are not only dedicated to selling but also building, since this guarantees that the properties are created and designed from scratch, with amenities that cover needs based on their experience with buyers.

    3. Think long term

    One of the mistakes that many people make when investing in real estate is that they believe that the return on investment will be immediate. And we are not saying that this is impossible, in fact there are people who buy real estate to rent them and begin to generate income. However, when investing in real estate, you must bear in mind that more than investing because “everyone is doing it” or “because it is fashionable” you must do it in an intelligent and strategic way so that you can grow your money. And this takes time.

    Surely you have heard that a property is an excellent investment because its value increases over time. This is due to the increase in surplus value, which, as we already mentioned, does not happen overnight.

    In fact, the surplus value does not depend on you, but on the location of the area and all the developments around it, which means that the difference between the price at which you bought it and the price at which you are going to sell it increases at your favor. That is, you are going to earn more for something that cost you less.

    As you can imagine, a good investor is one who takes advantage of opportunities when nobody sees them, such as acquiring assets in an area that in the long term will be attracting people with the need to acquire a product that he already has: a house, a lot, etc.

    That is why having a long-term vision will allow you to have better returns, since it will help you choose the area better, looking at the possibilities that can develop in it. And it will prevent you from being disappointed by not seeing your money right away. The key to success in real estate investing is to think long term.

    4. Analyze and view the market

    Speaking of thinking in the long term, and seeing the possibilities of the area: What is being generated around it?, what will be built in it?, how is the market moving in the area in which you want to invest?, etc.

    It is clear that you can invest in real estate even in times of crisis, since you know that it is one of the safest investments there is; but that does not mean that you should not analyze the situation to see what your best options are.

    As we mentioned in the previous point, to take advantage of a good buying opportunity you must learn to see beyond the current situation of the area and focus on seeing the services that will be built in it: schools, hospitals, squares, etc.

    And not only the developments, you have to analyze the market: who is coming from, where, what are the growth rates, etc. Columbus Heights States is a perfect example of this. Playa Hermosa, Jacó has positioned itself as the favorites of foreigners to vacation in our lands. And not only that, did you know that Puntarenas is becoming a destination for foreign retirees?

    Analyzing the market will also help you to think about the type of property you want to acquire and the use you could give it, for example, acquiring a lot in an area near schools will allow you to rent or sell it more easily to a family. Acquiring an apartment in an area near the beach will allow you to rent it out while you are not using it.

    In turn, when analyzing the market you must take into account the target you want to direct. Who will be your buyer? What interests you most about the property? Why would you want to buy it? This will also help you better understand the investment you are making.

    5. Look at the surplus value

    Capital gains is perhaps one of the things that stands out the most in this topic, but do you know what it is? In a few words, the capital gain is the increase in the value of a property, that is, the monetary difference between the purchase price and the sale price, which increases thanks to the area in which the property is located.

    Developments, schools, hospitals, connectivity, etc. There are many factors that influence the increase in surplus value that do not depend on us. And as we mentioned in the previous point, the ability to see beyond how the area is currently is the key to making a good investment.

    Especially when we talk about Costa Rica

    Factors such as security have a great influence on the increase in capital gains. Many times, because we want to make a good purchase or take advantage of a very cheap opportunity, we let ourselves be guided by the price of the property and we do not pay attention to the opportunities (or lack of growth thereof), the area and security.

    One of our tips when buying land or property is to think about the difficulty of selling it later. Ask yourself, how much will it cost me to sell this property? If the answer is a lot, it’s probably not a good investment. If, on the contrary, the location and the touristic development plan make you think that your effort to sell it will be minimal because it sells itself, take advantage of this. Columbus Heights States is an excellent option to invest in real estate and more if you do it in its country lots.

    6. Invest in Lots

    Another of the common mistakes is to believe that you need to be an expert or have a lot of money to invest in real estate and the truth is that it is a lie. If what you want is to invest with little and get a lot, lots are the best for you. Because? A lot is a piece of land that has a lower purchasing cost located in an area with a lot of potential. So, regardless of whether you decide to build there or sell the lot, you will make more profit thanks to the added value of the area.

    The lots are excellent acquisitions if what you want is to make your first real estate investment but you do not have the budget to buy a house or premises or you are not interested in acquiring one.

    Of course, it is very important that you remember our tips 4 and 5: analyze the market and look at the surplus value. If you want to achieve a good investment, the key is to look beyond what is happening now.

    7. Pre-sale purchase

    Buying pre-sale properties has many benefits that you should take advantage of depending on what you are looking to buy. For example, if what you want is to acquire a property to live in it, doing it in advance guarantees you to be able to choose the property that you like best before anyone else according to your needs, such as access to the private sector or development.

    However, one of the great benefits of buying in advance is that it ensures a greater return on investment since the prices of the properties increase as the construction period progresses or they become popular.

    As we explained to you with capital gains, buying in pre-sale can be a decisive factor in making a good investment since you can acquire a property at a lower cost than in other conditions (for example when the properties or developments that are planned are finished for the area) would cost you more.

    8. Consider access and connectivity

    The access and connectivity of the property are two of the elements that interact in the growth of capital gains and the ones that are most often mentioned, so you should consider them in detail.

    It is not only about what is nearby but also about how we can access them and where else they can take you, they can also give you clues on how to make your investment go further.

    9. Consider the amenities

    The amenities of a property also help to increase its capital gain. The need of the inhabitants to improve their well-being and quality of life have led real estate developments to worry about providing spaces that they can comfortably take advantage of according to their priorities that allow peole to enjoy a quiet life without having to travel long distances or worry about having to acquire them on your own (such as paying for memberships or building them).

    Try to invest in properties that have amenities that increase their value. Of course, taking into account previous points such as the location of the property and the areas of surplus value, the amenities will add more value to the home if they are in accordance with the needs of the market. Developments that have amenities increase in value thanks to the quality of life they offer their residents.

    10. Think with your head, not your heart

    Many times we fall in love with a property but it is not in an area that gives us added value, which will end up affecting our investment and its return. Whatever your purchase intention, you should always think of real estate as a business. Do research on the subject, find out, listen to those who have more experience in the field and, above all, do not be afraid to ask your agent the necessary questions that will help you make the best decision according to what you are looking for.

    If you are determined to become an expert investor it is very important that you consider expanding your investment portfolio. Acquire real estate in different areas for different purposes.

    While it is a long-term investment, it is important that you do not become attached to it to such a degree that it prevents you from seeing the return on investment that you can achieve with it.

    When is the best time to invest?

    Now that you have read our tips to invest in real estate, you are wondering what is the best age to invest in real estate? The answer is quite simple: if you want to secure your future and guarantee your investment, you must start now.

    Because? First, because it is very likely that you can find better prices, and if you remember, pre-sale is the key. In addition, the more time you let go, the more difficult it will be to invest in real estate, either for reasons of availability or for the increase in the price of real estate, and more so if it is an area that is already beginning to become popular thanks to its odds. So don’t waste time and start applying our advice, go to a real estate agency and start investing in real estate for a better future, either for yourself and/or for your family.

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