Investing In Costa Rican Real Estate: The Time Is Now

    An emerging market that is constantly growing

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    Buying a real estate project is one of the best options to secure an investment. Above all, if the property offers sustainability, revaluation and connectivity. Costa Rica meets these characteristics, since it presents a positive rate of annual growth in the economy and a large supply in the real estate market.

    Here are some of the top reasons to invest in Costa Rica real estate:

    • Average economic growth of more than 8% in the last 10 years.
    • According to IMF estimates, GDP will maintain its ascending line between 6 and 7% per year.
    • High level of security and low incidence of natural disasters.
    • Privileged geographical position, which has made it a regional maritime and air hub, an optimal connection for the European, Asian and American markets.
    • Real estate market characterized by constant capital flows in rentals and calculations of property capital gains.
    • “Real estate tourism” continues to grow, a factor that favors the generation of future income in rentals and property sales.
    • Investment in a property can be a self-sustaining acquisition that, through income models such as rent, covers the maintenance costs of the property and can even generate profit.
    • Its stable economy represents a benefit for foreigners, because it facilitates the search and acquisition of real estate.
    • Costa Rica is the best destination in Central America to retire, a position that attracts foreign buyers looking for properties for that purpose.
    • The Costa Rican migration system establishes special visas with tax exemptions for investment and foreign commercial exercise in the country.

    Columbus Heights States Project in Playa Hermosa Jaco

    Columbus Heights Estates

    Get to know the Columbus Heights States Project in Playa Hermosa Jaco, a one of a kind investment at Playa Hermosa, Jaco. Achieve a state of being totally awake and aware of the surroundings and connect to your spirit. Located in the natural surroundings between the tropical forests and the ocean.

    Property ownership of an acre+ (5000SM) agro parcel with interlocking paver roads, hydrants, water, electricity and fiber optics. CoFarming is optional and property management is available. Build on 15% of the land and reforest/farm the rest.

    For more information please visit:

    +506 8818 0262

    [email protected]

    Resonance Costa Rica
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