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    Tamarindo is a well-known destination for surfing and sports fishing and, also, one of the best beaches in Costa Rica. Fishermen come from all over the world to experience the incredible sports fishing here. People can catch the giant tuna, the sailfish and many other species in Tamarindo, many returns for more fishing action each year.

    Surfers’ lifestyle is very much active in this lively beach town. Surfers of all levels can enjoy the waves. The city is home to the first surf school in Costa Rica.

    Girls ready to learn surfing

    Fun in the water is obviously the main characteristic of many coastal towns in Costa Rica and, in Tamarindo, it undoubtedly occupies a primordial place. Whether you are looking to swim, cool off, or go on various adventures, there is something for every kind of beach lover.

    Those who want to immerse themselves in the water will only need to go to the beach with their towel and be ready to have a fun-filled day. In turn, those who are more adventurous can rent diving equipment and spend the day exploring what is below the water surface. Costa Rica is known for its varied animal wildlife, so better be aware to watch some incredible creatures.

    Tamarindo: a popular holiday destination

    It takes its name from the tamarind trees that line its coast. What used to be a sleepy fishing village is now one of the most popular beach areas of the Guanacaste province with a lot of shops, luxury hotels, and restaurants. Surfers love the relaxed laid back atmosphere of the place. And beach lovers can enjoy the sun’s rays in this beautiful part of the Pacific coast.

    The sea is warm and the sun is hot all year round, guaranteeing an excellent environment to relax. With temperatures ranging from about 80° to 95° F, the weather is perfect for observing beautiful sunsets, and excellent surfing conditions.

    Here, you can also find most of the Las Baulas National Marine Park, the Tamarindo Wildlife Refuge, and the Grande Langosta and Ventanas beaches that, together, constitute the most important nesting area of the American Pacific for the leatherback turtle, the world’s largest one, which is in critical danger of extinction.

    Leatherback turtle after nesting

    How do you get to Tamarindo?

    It takes a 4-hour drive or a very short flight from San José, thanks to a small airport located in the area. So it is possible to take a flight with Sansa or Nature Air companies at the Juan Santamaría International Airport, with direct daily flights to Tamarindo.

    Driving from San José, the most expeditious way is by the La Amistad de Taiwan Bridge on the Tempisque River. Then, you reach the town of Belén. From there, you take the turn to Huacas and then to the right to Tamarindo. There is also a bus route that connects San José directly with Tamarindo, but it is recommended to buy the ticket the day before, in order to book the seat.

    The climate of Tamarindo is perfect all year round. The average temperature oscillates around 32° C, and it has 2 seasons; a dry season and a wet season.

    The dry season, which lasts from November to April, is dry, hot, and sunny. In that station, there is very little humidity, which makes it very pleasant. The rainy season begins at the end of March or at the beginning of April and continues until October. A typical day is sunny or partly cloudy until late afternoon or evening, when heavy rains occur in the interior of the country and move towards the coast, often producing spectacular sunsets.

    Everything is green and abundant during this season of the year. Although there are no hurricanes here, a hurricane or tropical depression in the Atlantic often brings rain to Tamarindo.

    Enjoy outdoor activities here!

    Although the incredible local food incites you to eat all day, or take a nap after a delicious typical meal, Costa Rica is a place where you most certainly have to go outdoors. In Tamarindo, visitors have the option of lots of outdoor activities like horseback riding, biking, rafting, hiking, golf, and much more.

    Horseback-riding at sunset

    One of the most popular outdoor experiences in Tamarindo is the Las Baulas National Marine Park. Costa Rica is a country that deeply believes in the preservation of the natural beauty of the land, and the protection of animals in danger of extinction. This national park does just that.

    The place is a protected area that serves as a sanctuary for the population of sea turtles. These magnificent creatures use this area as a nesting site, without fear of being caught or having their eggs stolen. You will also appreciate many other animals in the park, including more than 150 species of birds.

    After an exciting full day exploring Tamarindo and its surroundings, you may be tempted to appreciate a beautiful sunset. But the fun never ends in Tamarindo! There is a variety of bars and clubs open for you to have a drink, and dance all night on the dance floor.

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