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    In Costa Rica, the Fun Never Ends For Outdoor Activity Lovers

    Exploring all the outdoor activities that can be done in Costa Rica is almost like naming all the natural numbers

    Playa Tamarindo: Sun, Sand, and Surf

    Tamarindo is a well-known destination for surfing and sports fishing and, also, one of the best beaches in Costa Rica. Fishermen come from all...
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    Costa Rican Institutions Look to Strengthen Wellness Tourism in the Country

    Costa Rica wants to improve tourism by adding eco-friendly elements. The new strategy to attract visitors is called Wellness Pura Vida. Wellness tourism promotes...

    Have You Heard of the “Tico Effect”?

    Are you one of those foreigners who have lived in Costa Rica for so long that you have adopted and adapted into Pura Vida life? ...

    Charge Your Phone with Exercise

    Last weekend on December 6 La Asunción de Belén en Heredia opened a new kind of sustainable energy initiative. Truth be told, this initiative is...
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