Last weekend on December 6 La Asunción de Belén en Heredia opened a new kind of sustainable energy initiative.

Truth be told, this initiative is actually a park where cell phones can be charged through a bio-mechanical machine called a polea cónica. Additionally, there are six other machines that provide will Heredians with a total of 11 distinct outdoor exercises.

The First of its Kind

Truth be told, the polea cónica at La Asunción de Belén is actually a hybrid between the traditional polea cónica exercise machine and an AC generator. Diego Mata of LifeGim explains that this machine works with the “same physical principle of a yo-yo.” The athlete steps on a strap, and when it unwinds makes a pedal spin up with a constant acceleration until the strap totally unwinds; this creates the energy.

Mata also mentioned that this is the first energy-by-exercise park installed in Costa Rica and that the current has been set to five volts, perfect for mobile devices.

The project came at the suggestion of professors and students of the physical education department of the University of Costa Rica.

In Green Harmony

Located from 300 meters west of the northwest corner of Assumption Square, the park has a playground made by recycle materials and offers trails to the visitors. This park is responsible for the protection of potable water for 15,000 people.

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