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    Playa Tamarindo: Sun, Sand, and Surf

    Tamarindo is a well-known destination for surfing and sports fishing and, also, one of the best beaches in Costa Rica. Fishermen come from all...

    How to Care Your Baby’s Skin

    How nice it is to feel the delicate skin of a baby, especially when they are newborns! However, such delicacy requires very special care....
    Envision Festival

    About Sanskrit and Sutra – the History of Yoga

    The first traces left by yoga - according to present knowledge - in the history of mankind are about 3500 years ago. At this...
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    5 Reasons Why People Who Move to Costa Rica are Instantly Healthier

    Can a simple move really make you into a healthier person? In our last few months of traveling about Costa Rica, we noticed that a...
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