We Explain What are the Benefits of Sunbathing

    Remember to always do it with caution and moderation

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    At TCRN we strive to always give you the best advice based on techniques, tricks and natural sources. That is why we want to talk about some of the most important benefits of sunbathing now that summer is here. Now, first of all, we must remind you that you always have to do it with caution and moderation.

    1.-Stimulates the defenses of the immune system

    The first benefit we want to talk about is probably not that well known. However, it has been proven that one of the benefits of sunbathing is that it prevents colds and flu. What it does is increase the number of white blood cells present in our body. These are essential in defending us from pathogens that attack our body. In short, one of the benefits of sunbathing is that it strengthens the number of cells responsible for our defense.

    2.- Vitamin D for our bones and teeth

    At the time we are tanning, the sun’s UV rays help our body produce vitamin D in the skin. This vitamin is essential for the mineralization of the bones and, therefore, sunbathing helps to strengthen them. Indeed, it makes calcium and phosphorus better absorbed and, thus, they are denser and stronger. Vitamin D is produced by our own body: to do so, it is advisable to sunbathe for a period of between five and ten minutes every day.

    3.- Benefits of sunbathing: it makes our skin look better

    Another benefit of sunbathing is on the skin. It will simply be necessary to sunbathe for approximately 30 minutes a day to improve the appearance of our skin. Indeed, it is best to take it during the hours when it is less aggressive: specifically, between sunrise and sunset.

    The mechanism by which the sun works on our skin is simple: it stimulates it to eliminate the waste substances it contains. After doing so, our skin recovers its more lustrous appearance, even if you have acne or it has appeared during a specific time of year.

    4.- It can prevent cancer

    Another benefit of sunbathing is that it can reduce the chance of getting cancer. It has been shown in fact that in countries with more hours of sunshine per day there is a lower rate of breast or colon cancer. The reason would be precisely in the production of vitamin D, which protects us against the appearance of tumors.

    5.- Benefits of sunbathing: improves the quality of our rest

    As we always remember, adequate rest is essential. One of the most important benefits of sunbathing is that it improves the quality of our rest. This benefit is especially noticeable during the summer season. We wake up more rested and with the feeling of having slept better thanks precisely to having absorbed UV rays and having secreted melatonin. This is the hormone responsible for regulating sleep.

    6.- Improves mood

    Without a doubt, one of the most interesting benefits of sunbathing is that it improves our mood. It helps us to recharge ourselves with energy and make the symptoms of depression, tiredness and stress go away. Again, we find the explanation in the UV rays of the sun: this type of rays increase the production of neurotransmitters that are related to the feeling of well-being.

    Specifically, it is about serotonin, which is (also) another of those responsible for regulating sleep. Everyone knows that bad weather negatively affects the emotions we feel: for this reason, a sunny day is the best way to recharge our batteries.

    We hope these benefits of sunbathing will encourage you to do so wisely. We remind you that too long an exposure can in turn cause skin problems and even serious problems in our body. Therefore, take it in moderation to keep only its benefits.

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