Pérez Zeledón Renews Rural Tourism Offer

    The largest canton of San José and the second largest in Costa Rica is organized to share authentic experiences for the Christmas/New Year´s Holiday

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    When you think about the tourist attractions of Pérez Zeledón, the first thing that comes to mind are the tours to climb Cerro Chirripó or appreciate the national symbol of Los Crestones. However, the largest canton of San José offers a varied offer of rural tourism that was renewed for national and international tourists during the Christmas/New Year´s celebrations.

    For Jorge Fallas, president of the Chamber of Rural Experiences, the growth of rural tourism in Pérez Zeledón stands out for the solidarity of the families that organize themselves to generate productive chains and offer authentic tourist activities that rescue cultural values, traditions and preserve natural resources of a destination with great potential.

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    Precisely and as detailed in the Cultural Tourist Guide of Pérez Zeledón of the ICT, (soon to be launched), in relation to rural tourism, the canton of Pezzato is a region of agricultural roots, over the years agriculture predominates as an economic activity. In rural communities, the idiosyncrasies and customs of yesteryear are still greatly rescued, as well as traditions and culture in general. There are around 16 recreational centers and agrotourism farms, which bet on this type of tourism.

    Tourist experiences from “P” to “Z”

    “We invite all Costa Ricans to visit Pérez Zeledón and discover everything it offers. In addition to Cerro Chirripó and Los Crestones, we are close to Playa Dominical less than 30 minutes away, varied microclimates that generate a wide variety of flora

    The Vení a Perez campaign

    and fauna, safeguarded by many protected areas and some biosphere reserves, a paradise for bird watchers and a variety of rural tourism alternatives that have allowed many families to opt for tourism as an alternative for economic growth, Precisely for these and other reasons we recently launched the Vení a Perez campaign,” said Gregory López, coordinator of the Tourism Management Office of the Municipality of Pérez Zeledón.

    Those who visit the lands of Pechete, in addition to enjoying the region’s varied microclimates, can also go horseback riding, oxen cart rides and buffalo rides, as well as interactive tours at La Finca “La Molina”.

    Women entrepreneurs

    If it is an indisputable stop for travelers, the “Mujeres del Valle” handicraft store offers, in addition to a wide range of unique products from the Brunca Region, it is a clear example of the female empowerment of the dozens of women entrepreneurs who joined to show varied options of products, gastronomy and artistic manifestations, in addition to offering a delicious option of regional gastronomy in its restaurant section.

    In addition, Pérez Zeledón is also a destination that stands out for the quality of its coffee, something that is verified by living the immersion experience at the Granados Farm and Cafeteria that complies 100% with all the processes for the creation of a high-quality organic coffee. quality and allows the visitor to enjoy a tour that concludes in the tasting of a gourmet coffee that is exported to Europe.

    Access to Cerro Chirripó

    Also at more than 2,500 meters above sea level and on the way to the highest hills in Costa Rica, the Cerro Ena Rural Tourism Association is reorganizing and offers a new access to Cerro Chirripó, passing through the Sabana de los Leones with the support of Guides and experienced muleteers, you can also make the ascent to the other star hill, Cerro Ena, which has a lodge to spend the night, at an altitude greater than 3000 meters. As they point out, the route is friendlier and with a unique scenic beauty. Likewise, they have active hiking tours, visits to waterfalls, canopy, and lodging in cabins with beautiful visits in a place full of nature and a lot of peace.

    Only underground museum of themed caves in Central America

    Going from the heights and defending up to 16 meters underground, in the destination, Topolandia stands out for its uniqueness, the first and only underground museum of themed caves in Central America.

    During the tour, the fact that the more than 500 meters of tunnels and caverns were made by its owner with his own hands using only a pick and shovel is surprising. This labyrinth has spaces and sculptures carved in the clay on its walls where you can see national symbols, animals, characters from popular culture, ancient civilizations. It has rooms, a space that preserves antiques, bathrooms, water wells, a meditation room and much more that will come in its constant expansion.

    According to ICT data, the Pérez Zeledón Development Center offers a mountain product, it is identified with the canton of Pérez Zeledón, where the Chirripó National Park and the La Amistad International Park World Heritage Site stand out.

    For those who seek adventure and practice ecotourism Rurality and especially rural community tourism is the most innovative product that is developed in the upper parts of Pérez Zeledón. It is an ideal tourist area for those who seek adventure and practice ecotourism, as well as new destinations to discover.

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