With its Breathtaking Natural Beauty, Costa Rica is Waiting for You

In 2020 Come Visit Us!

Almost two million foreign visitors are enchanted each year by the magical beauty of Costa Rica. Those who choose our country as a tourist destination year after year, receive the promised gratification. This is a destination in the world that offers in a very small geographical space, the most abundant biological wealth that any country can offer.

The importance of nature added to the kindness of its people that transmit love, peace and the joy of interacting and learning from visitors, turn a visit to our country into a magical experience.

Costa Rica is an extraordinary refuge of life, in just 51000 square kilometers (0.03% of the planet’s surface), there is approximately 5% of the world’s biodiversity, In a single day, tourists can enjoy all this biological diversity thanks to the fact that from the capital, San José to the most remote corners of the country, there is a wide network of well-maintained roads that covers more than 36,447 km. The natural resources of the country are so spectacular that they have deserved worldwide recognition.

For all these reasons, great efforts have been made to carry out the tourism industry towards sustainable development, which seeks to create economic and social benefits based on the protection and conservation of ecosystems and natural resources.

Starting with the volcanoes

In a single day, it is possible to visit all the natural wealth both of the Pacific Coast, as well as the lush Atlantic Coast. This is another quality that makes the country an exceptional destination, different and full of natural surprises. Among the 11 volcanoes located in the Guanacaste mountain range, the visitor will be able to admire the imposing Poas volcano and observe how the mist covers its huge main crater.

If the Poas volcano is a moving spectacle, the Irazú volcano is no less, even the first man who set foot on the moon said once that there is no place more similar to our natural satellite than the Irazú volcano. The very low temperatures of the place, its magnetism, the visual impact of its landscape will remain forever in the memory of those who visit it.

On the other hand, the constant activity of the Arenal volcano has caused thousands of scientists, especially geologists and volcanologists, to come to research the behavior. The constant rumble remembers the boundless force of nature. Its incandescent lava descending the mountain range is a show that with a little luck, many will have the opportunity to observe.

Continuing with the volcanic attractions of Costa Rica, we cannot fail to mention the Rincon de la Vieja volcano located on the south side of the Guanacaste mountain range.

Cerro Chirripio

In this place, the scenic beauty is represented by the combination of mountain and forest, either with clear or cloudy sky it leaves lasting memories in those who decide to take the adventure of the climb. Frequent cold winds drizzle, temperature changes, constant blue sky, are all environmental situations that can be experienced by those who dare to climb this, the highest elevation of Costa Rica. Being able to amaze at the unique experience of observing both oceans, Atlantic and Pacific, simultaneously.

Nature’s guardians

Few countries in the world have had as many valuable initiatives for preserving the treasure of its natural resources. This has allowed for a vast system of conservation zones, made up of protected wild areas, to preserve the richness of their delicate ecological processes. This system groups National parks, National Monuments, Biological Reserves, Forest Reserves, National Wildlife Refuges, distributed throughout the country.

With all this natural diversity for displaying, it is not surprising that visitors are moved by such beauty, allowing them to discover and understand, in a complete way, the essence of the country and its inhabitants. So what are you waiting for? Come visit the land of “Pure Life” and enjoy this land that is the closest to Paradise on Earth.

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SOURCEYohander Rodríguez
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