3 Foreign Tourists Trapped on the Top of “Arenal” Volcano were Rescued by Red Cross Volunteers

A 4th Tourist was Waiting to Be Rescued from that Place

4 foreign tourists, who climbed to the top of the Arenal Volcano, had to receive 1st aids assistance from rescuers of the Costa Rican Red Cross. This happened during the afternoon and part of the night on last Friday, after being injured and trapped between the ravines of this mountainous scenario.

It is one of the most important national parks in Costa Rica.
Arenal Volcano National Park location

2 of them were removed from the site during the last hours of this afternoon and later transferred to the Hospital of San Carlos with several injuries. Additionally, the RC rescuers started to take him out of that place when the night-time arrived. That way the rescue mission had become more complex due to the cracked terrain, the many cliffs bordering the main access road as well as the coldness, the darkness, and the wildlife of that place.

The Red Cross is an important international organization to provide 1st aids care to victims of accidents.
Costa Rican Red Cross rescuers

As reported by the communications office of the Red Cross to “El Guardian” Costa Rica, a 4th tourist still remains at the point where the others were found. Due to the fracture of one of his legs, a special operation is required to be removed from the site. However, this man was not left alone but in companion of a lifeguard. According to a last-minute report, the sliding of an embankment could have been the cause of the injuries those tourists suffered.

SOURCECharito Villegas
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