‘Parque del Este’ Promotes Both
    Local and Foreign Tourism

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    Since it is the third-largest park in the Greater Metropolitan Area, the local government of Montes de Oca seeks to preserve the ‘Parque del Este’(East Park) as a natural lung for the canton and the surrounding communities, by promoting both local and foreign tourism.

    For this reason, on October 6th, 2021, the Costa Rican Institute of Sports and Recreation (Icoder) transferred the administration of the space to the Municipality, through an agreement that will allow the municipality to promote the park and create ecotourism initiatives, environmental education, sports, and recreation.

    This 24-hectare complex is located in the rural district of San Rafael de Montes de Oca and is also an important biological corridor for that canton. As part of the agreement for the municipal administration, the Local Government assumed the commitment to develop a Strategic Plan to promote the Parque del Este in different areas.

    “We will work on initiatives with an environmental, tourist, educational and social focus, to promote this space as an optimal area for the integral development of its visitors and the environment. We want the Parque del Este to become an attraction not only for local tourists, but also for foreign tourists; this is a green jewel and we take on the challenge of promoting it”, explained Marcel Soler, mayor of Montes de Oca.

    The Parque del Este offers a wide variety of recreational areas that are part of the Municipality’s strategy to promote recreation and sports. The facilities have swimming pools, soccer and basketball courts, children’s areas, ranches, activity rooms, parking lots, camping area, bathrooms, showers and drinking water.

    “Since its creation in 1980, and since we assumed its administration in 1982 when the Icoder was -at that time- a part of the General Directorate of Physical Education and Sports, this beautiful green corner has been one of the favorite destinations for family outings, and an excellent place to take a break, exercise, enjoy a good walk, or simply relax surrounded by nature. Now it is up to the Municipality of Montes de Oca, at least in the next 10 years, to continue with its administration and make it an even better place, to its own pride and that of all of Costa Rica. We wish them every single success!”, said Alba Quesada, Icoder’s national director.

    Photo: De Haakon S. Krohn – Trabajo propio, CC BY-SA 3.0,

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