New Web Series Seeks to Contribute to Central American Popular Education

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    A new web series called “Veamos la Respuesta” (Let’s See the Answer) is committed to bringing Central American popular education in a more direct and concrete way. With this launch, the Central American Institute for the Extension of Culture (ICECU) celebrates its 57th anniversary.

    Every week, an episode will be released on the YouTube channel of “Veamos la Respuesta”, which covers basic science, agriculture, social science, medicine, health, art, education, sports, zoology, among others.

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    The first season consists of 30 educational videos, and will have the participation of the Costa Rican Red Cross, to learn about first aid and common accidents within homes. Likewise, the collective association ‘Vamos a Sembrar’ (Let’s Sow) will present on sustainable agriculture, and advice on having a garden at home.

    “The greatest contribution of the ICECU is to have built an explanatory language that makes the knowledge understandable for everyone. With Let’s See The Answer we want the information to be available to everyone”, explained Manuel Araya, president of the Institute’s Board of Directors.

    It should be noted that this material will also be transmitted through the “Fundación Escuela para Todos” (School for Everyone Foundation), which is ICECU’s sister institution.

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