The Best Places to Go Camping in Costa Rica

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    In Costa Rica, there are many places to go camping. Here we mention some that stand out among the best:

    Finca La Lucha

    Located in the middle of the Cerro de la Muerte. This place has a spectacular small lake surrounded by trails and ideal places to have a picnic with friends and family.

    Isla Jesuita

    Jesuita Island is one of many paradisiacal islands in the Pacific Sea. Here you can find peace and relaxation of another level, with exuberant nature and if you go on a new moon you can see bioluminescence. It is simply spectacular.

    Junquillal Wildlife Refuge and Santa Rosa National Park

    On this tour, you can go camping to explore amazing places north of Guanacaste. The Santa Rosa and Junquillal conservation area has a lot of potential at a very low cost.

    Laguna Manuel

    This place is perfect to go camping. It is in the mountains and you can camp on the shore of a small lake that adds many advantages.

    Piedra de Fuego

    In Esparza, there is a property that is ‘on fire’, not only in temperature but also in very cool outdoor activities; we are talking about ‘Piedra de Fuego (Firestone). This 550 hectare farm has been protected by a family for over 20 years, and is now open to the public for camping, hiking, trail running and mountain biking. Best of all, you can even bring your dog!

    Los Chorros

    Hidden in Grecia is a property with currents that are born from the stones and a large waterfall and best of all it has a camping area.

    Cerro Caricias

    This property is a private estate under a conservation regime that has been in the Arguedas family for many years. Now they have opened it to the public with trails and picnic areas all cozy just to go for a weekend.

    Monte Sky

    Monte Sky is a property on a mountain in Orosí. It has an unparalleled vibe and there are paths to get to some tremendous waterfalls protected by an almost virgin forest. Go so that Don Billy tells you more about this place.

    La Marta

    La Marta is a hot rod for all kinds of people, from the most adventurous to those who are beginning to get out of the routine. It is an evergreen place, surrounded by splashing rivers and spaces to discover… It also shows how it is possible for a farm agriculture can take a turn becoming a secondary forest full of life and nature.

    Cerro Dragón

    From Tarbaca to the inside, there are mountains with incredible people who have stolen a piece of our hearts since we ever met them. Yes, we know that it sounds a bit cheesy, but it really is an admirable town that has grown thanks to their own efforts. This is a good combo of Cerro Dragón, La Maravilla Waterfall, and Cerro Ojo de Agua. So there is something to be found for everyone.

    Volcán Turrialba – Hacienda La Central

    At the foot of the Turrialba Volcano, the most mystical and amazing volcano in the country. We all know that this bandit has hit us with ashes on more than one occasion but it is about time that they go to meet it and live a simply epic walk.

    Cerro Iztarú

    This hill is like an outdoor amusement park for the whole family and it is truly amazing. You can camp there and it has several trails including one that reaches a hill that has the best view of the area.

    Cascada Pozo Azul

    Pozo Azul waterfall is one of the most imposing, high, blue, paradisiac, wild, and beautiful waterfall in all of Costa Rica; close to the valley of the falls in the town of Bajos del Toro in the town of Colonia del Toro right there. So take a walk to the town where blue falls and Pura Vida people abound.

    Laguna de Hule and Laguna Congo

    Hidden in Alajuela, right in the middle of the forest, they are the famous Laguna de Hule and Laguna Congo. The latter has a beautiful deep green dreamed of color. Both are perfect for splashing around for a good time and enjoying a great picnic. You just have to be careful with your feet because they say there may be hooks.

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