Park Rangers Remove Hook From a Turtle`s Jaw at Ostional

    There are so many turtles that arrive so on the tours that are made, these cases are often found

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    A complicated procedure

    Park Rangers from the Ostional National Wildlife Refugere moved a hook from the jaw of a Kemp’s ridley turtle. The incident occurred this past Thursday afternoon during the grand arrival of spawning sea turtles at Ostional.

    “It had a hook stuck to its jaw, this happens because the turtles reach the fishing line, they bite the bait and the hook gets stuck in the jaw or they swallow it. In this case, the hook was stuck in the jaw so using a technique with pliers it could be extracted, but if it were inside the turtle it cannot be removed, just cut the rope”, commented Andrés Jiménez, park ranger.

    This unfortunate situation is often observed when there are arrivals like this one, the official assured.”There are so many turtles that arrive so on the tours that are made, these cases are often found,” added Jiménez.

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