Nutritionists Are Concerned about the Increase of Invasive Methods against Obesity in Costa Rica

    Nutrition experts agree that obesity must be addressed by professionals who cover the mental, emotional, and nutritional fields

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    The increase in the use of invasive methods to eliminate obesity has concerned the members of the College of Nutrition Professionals (CPN). Obesity is a disease resulting from an internal and external imbalance in the person, and behavioral interventions are often successful in achieving this long-term change. However, experts in the field emphasize that it is a condition that must be addressed by interdisciplinary professionals that encompass the patient’s mental, emotional, and nutritional field.

    The spokesperson for the CPN, Dr. Rossana Mauro, a specialist in Eating Disorders (TCA), believes that professionals who deal with a person with obesity should be trained in ED to ensure that the person who comes to their consultation is You can perform a screening and determine if you have any alterations regarding your eating habits. “Many times the weight is not the main problem, but it is the consequence of imbalances in the emotional, mental, nutritional and environmental part of the person”, pointed out Dr. Mauro.

    The key is trusting in interdisciplinary care

    According to the expert, in these cases what should be done is to help the person with interdisciplinary care, looking for a balance, understanding that one should not only attack the weight but rather resolve the person’s life condition so that they have more Health & Wellness.

    Likewise, it is important that people are aware that to achieve results in terms of an adequate and healthy weight, they must work, be dedicated and be very careful. “Taking little steps, making small changes and being persevering is how a person not only loses weight, but also changes their lifestyle, which leads to lower stress, learning to cook, to sunbathe, to have happiness, harmony, acceptance, and new habits; also, understanding the why of things, and being clear about the consequences that those magical solutions that are offered to us can have”, commented the TCA specialist.

    Bariatric surgeries are not recommended for all obese people

    Not all people with obesity problem can undergo bariatric surgery or other surgical procedures; the first thing is to know the anthropometric condition of each person in order to then define whether or not that person is a candidate for this type of intervention. Mauro added that “feeling obese does not necessarily mean that you are obese, there is a condition known as normative dissatisfaction with the image where 90% of women feel uncomfortable with their body and that does not mean that they have to do something extreme to solve it”.

    For his part, Dr. Abner Chaves, a nutritionist focused on bariatric procedures, pointed out that this option should be taken when the person has gone through a process of care in basic nutrition, psychology, pharmacology, endocrinology, physical activity and others, because the condition hormonal and mental of the person is essential to make the decision of a more invasive procedure. Chaves recommended the accompaniment of nutrition professionals throughout the entire previous process so that the person has tools that allow them to lead a healthy life. “The bariatric procedure is not an easy solution; it involves many changes in habits and behaviors to which the person must adapt. Many times this procedure is used when the person already has other conditions, such as fatty liver, diabetes, cardiovascular problems, for example”, he added.

    Both nutrition professionals pointed out that the care of a person with obesity should not focus only on weight, but other physical indicators should be taken into account, especially aspects of mental health, which are so important when it comes to addressing the disease.

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