Megamindsin Megatrends 2023: CINDE Gathers World Experts to Discuss the Future of the Global Economy

    Megamindsin Megatrends 2023: CINDE Gathers World Experts to Discuss the Future of the Global Economy

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    On June 1st and 2nd, 2023, Costa Rica will be the epicenter of one of the most important meetings of the year in terms of foreign direct investment (FDI) and mega trends in the global economy. This is the ‘Megaminds in Megatrends 2023’ event, organized by CINDE, the No. 1 foreign investment promotion agency in the world, which will bring together business leaders, investors and experts, who will discuss the challenges and opportunities that will set the course of business in the coming next years.

    With a wide range of topics on the agenda, attendees will be able to learn first-hand about the latest trends and perspectives in key areas such as technology, value chains, innovation, sustainability and health; sharing the best practices, as well as the challenges and opportunities that improve competitiveness. “This will be the second edition of ‘Megaminds in Megatrends’ and, therefore, a very valuable opportunity to have world leaders and benchmarks in the same place and in a unique way discussing the challenges and opportunities that will set the course of business in the short term. Costa Rica is an example of how countries can adapt to changes in the environment and take advantage of the opportunities of mega trends to boost economic growth and sustainability”, said Pilar Madrigal, Director of Investment Advisory at CINDE.

    Some of the topics will stand out for approaches such as:

    WEB 3.0 A mega trend that places the global economy at a crossroads, from people to companies. It is about the next generation of the web that will focus on decentralization, privacy and security, establishing challenges for the regulatory systems of nations, the correct dimension of roles in society and the transformation of jobs.

    Inclusive Development- With an economic development approach that takes into account all people and communities, regardless of their gender, race, ethnic origin or economic situation, for the development of new businesses and opportunities in the most dynamic sectors of the economy.

    Advanced Manufacturing- How can you have a great impact on the economy and society, through the application of advanced technologies that improve the efficiency and quality of manufacturing processes?

    Health and Wellness- This will be a panel to discuss the challenges and opportunities of a high growth industry. How can Costa Rica become a global hub where solutions that serve society can be developed?

    “Megamindsis the perfect space to discuss the impact of Industry 4.0 and how it is altering every aspect of the human experience. It unfolds in 8 evolutionary stages that fundamentally change the way we live, consume, work and relate to each other. This industry will transform the Costa Rican economy, all industries and every aspect of society on a scale and complexity never seen before”, said Henrik von Scheel, international expert recognized as the most influential thinker on Industry 4.0.

    Costa Rica: why are we a reference in and how do we enhance our competitiveness?

    In web 3.0 Costa Rica has the golden opportunity to establish consolidated cybersecurity centers, since the country already accumulates important operations in this area and with this replicate the best practices to be used within the country and adopt trends. As part of the coming changes in the economy, Costa Rica is already an incubator for solutions based on health and well-being, with one of the most important blue zones in the world and that together with the presence of 14 of the 30 most important global companies important in medical devices, open the possibility to develop new sectors.

    Multinational companies are rethinking and redefining their position in the markets, while the country faces the challenge of staying aligned with the new FDI flows, at the same time that sophisticated processes are already being developed on Costa Rican soil thanks to its proximity to end markets (nearshoring), talent, and innovation.

    Costa Rica is a popular destination for advanced manufacturing, especially in the medical device industry, which places it in the top 5 countries that most attract projects of this type, even being its main export product. There is an opportunity to adopt more technologies in this industry and with them strengthen the country’s leadership. “Costa Rica has a vibrant ecosystem and constantly growing sectors of the economy that allow them to lead the attraction of FDI projects worldwide, driven by the quality of their talent, their capacity for innovation and a compact country, of the economies most competitive in Latin America, which is home to companies that carry out impact processes and global service”, added Madrigal.

    ‘Megaminds in Megatrends’ will take place at the Costa Rica Convention Center. More than 500 people are expected to attend, 18 international experts, and a unique opportunity to network. Those interested can visit the official site of the event and purchase their tickets at

    For more information visit the official website of the event through


    CINDE is the Costa Rican agency with more than 40 years of attracting foreign direct investment to the country. In its history, it records support for more than 400 multinationals established in Costa Rica in the manufacturing, service, life sciences, and tourism infrastructure sectors.

    Private, apolitical and declared of national interest, the agency has been ranked since 2017 and for 5 consecutive years by the International Trade Center as the best investment attraction agency in the world.

    About‘Megaminds in Megatrends’

    It is an international event that brings together business leaders, investors and experts in global economic megatrends to discuss the challenges and opportunities of the future. The event will take place in Costa Rica and is organized by CINDE.

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