‘Networking’ and Savings of Up to 85% in Annual Rent Make ‘Cowork’ an Essential Ally for SMEs

    Job opportunities arise in environments with different companies in the same ecosystem

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    The Coworking industry went from being a fad to a fundamental tool for the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Costa Rica. And it is that the flexibility of spaces, hours, prices and services allow annual savings to small industries of up to 85% in the rent of a fixed office.

    This happens, regardless of whether professionals or SME owners and their collaborators go to Cowork a couple of times a week, or even for a few hours, while the rest of the week is teleworking.

    At the same time, this type of work spaces that promote hybrid work, allow networking and digital security, in such a way that SMEs can do more business and earn more money in a safe environment from cybercrime.

    “International studies have affirmed that coworking has led to a reduction in costs in companies of up to 85% and also promotes networking or generation of contacts that can be considered as allies, clients or service providers. In this line, the study affirms that 82% of people claimed to have expanded their network of professional contacts using spaces of this type”, said Federico Halsband, general manager of Gracias Cowork.

    On the other hand, the presence of various companies in the same workplace has led to new trends within the Cowork, since more strategic uses of the spaces and the increase in requests for technology and digital services are reported.

    Likewise, SMEs seek to connect with experts from different areas, to offer advisory services on legal, accounting, administrative and even marketing issues. “With more companies working remotely, SMEs are looking for workspaces that offer high-quality technology infrastructure, including corporate internet, video conferencing equipment, and other digital tools that allow them to run their operations in the most efficient way”, said Kathia Morales, administrative manager for Republic Workspace.

    Exclusive solutions for companies, hourly packages, different space alternatives, strategic alliances, differentiated technology and communication services, as well as food and health, are part of the facilities that the Coworking representatives have decided to implement to maintain customer loyalty. the clients. The hybrid work modality allows collaborators to carry out their functions remotely, but once or twice a week they can interact in person to strengthen ties and business objectives, according to experts.

    Paying only for what is consumed is one of the main motivations of SMEs that venture into flexible workspaces, allowing significant savings by not having to invest in a monthly rental for premises or paying for basic services such as electricity, water, telephone and Internet. “We believe that growth can be greater to the extent that SME owners are encouraged to learn about the experience of the flexible solution and the benefits that the company can provide for their business from a financial point of view, as well as a greater use of resources and a change of environment for employees and customers. Finance wins, staff motivation wins, productivity wins”, said Jonathan Valembois, manager and founder of EsencialMente, Coworking Spaces.

    The opportunity for employees to work one or two days a week in a coworking space and the rest of the week from their homes is considered a new work routine, it is the opportunity that many SMEs have discovered to grow their businesses.

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