Water in Cardboard Containers is Already Sold in Costa Rica as an Environmentally Friendly Option

    According to Tetra Pak, the global demand for bottled water is growing, and alternatives like that of cardboard are a trend towards health and well-being

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    Some supermarkets in the country already sell bottled water in cardboard containers. It is an environmentally friendly option in which the lid of the container is made of cane, also to reduce environmental impact.

    The company that created a container so that the liquid was protected from bacteria and high temperatures while maintaining its properties, is Tetra Pak, a leading company in food processing and packaging solutions.

    Through a press release, Tetra Pak announced that its packages designed to store water are available in the national market. “We believe in the responsible sourcing and use of renewable, recyclable and carbon-neutral materials of plant origin, to reduce our environmental impact and incorporate greater recyclability into our product portfolio,” said Tetra Pak CEO Luis Santamaría.

    According to this company, the global demand for bottled water is growing, and alternatives such as that of cardboard are a trend towards health and well-being.

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