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    Knowing how to keep your healthy heart can be extremely difficult, even more so when you struggle to move on a daily basis. Whilst a healthy heart might feel like a universe away, the truth is that it can be easier than you may initially realize. Mobility scooters are outstanding for ensuring that those with limited mobility can move around with ease, but they are not the best when trying to physically move and burn those calories. So, you are at your wit’s end by now, what on earth will you do? Do not panic! We have all of the necessary tips here to help you along the journey to a healthy heart.

    Avoid Seat Exercises Where You Can

    Healthy food
    Healthy food

    For some people, moving out of your scooter or wheelchair is an immediate no-no, but for others, it could be a possibility. Pilates is a great way that you can still get your body moving whilst toning your muscles and keeping you lean and strong. However, each exercise has its intensity levels, and obviously the same goes for Pilates. If some of the exercises seem too advanced or difficult for you, that is OK! The road back to a healthy heart is done in baby steps, especially if you struggle with your mobility. So, only participate in what you can handle, and if you are finding the whole ordeal particularly challenging, there is nothing wrong with getting back into your chair and taking on some chair exercises instead –whatever works for you!

    Get Your Omega-3!

    Rich food in omega
    Rich food in omega

    When you have limited mobility, it is inevitable that you will not be doing as much exercise as the average person. Because of this, it is crucial that you pay more attention to your diet, and tweak it where you can to ensure that you are receiving all the right nutrients to keep your body in good shape, inside and out. One of the best places to start is with your Omega-3 intake, which can be found in nuts, or if you are allergic, cold-water fish. For those who do not know, Omega-3 is a great nutrient for putting heart disease at bay, and especially when dealing with limited mobility, the last thing you want is to stress about heart disease risks! So, keep your ‘bad’ cholesterol down and reap the benefits from these fatty omega-3 acids.

    Minimize Your Stress

    Reduce the level of stress
    Reduce the level of stress

    Stress might not seem like a direct link to your heart health, but truth is that increased stress can really have a negative effect on how healthy your heart is. For a start, when some people are under a lot of pressure, they crack by what is famously known as ‘comfort eating’, devouring a whole array of fatty foods in an attempt to make them feel better. Naturally, this will have some detrimental effects on your heart, but this is not all. High levels of stress can raise your blood pressure, which is never good when trying to keep your heart healthy. So, when stress seems to be getting the better of you, just always ensure that you meditate or take part in an activity that will relax your mind.

    Visit Your Doctor Regularly

    Visit the doctor regularly
    Visit the doctor regularly

    There are many people who will happily avoid the doctor as well as actually neglect their symptoms and ignore the signs that their body is giving them. If you suffer from reduced mobility, this tip is more important than ever, because you are unfortunately at a higher risk of developing heart problems due to the lack of movement. So, even at the slightest concern, always book an appointment with your doctor or local GP to double-check that everything is fine. Or, even if you feel fine, just book regular check-ups with your doctor to help reassure you that actually, you are doing fine and your heart is healthy!

    The truth is, even the most mobile people fail to keep their hearts in good condition, so it can be a challenge with limited mobility. Hopefully, though, these tips have helped you to cope a little better. And at last… if your heart is currently in pristine condition, good on you!!

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