Holistic Tourism in Costa Rica

In search of spiritual balance

Holistic tourism has gained momentum in the world as travelers search for activities and programs that bring balance to their lives. Activities such as relaxation, steam baths or thermal waters; yoga sessions, meditation, group sessions, massages, etc. are intended to reduce stress levels generated by the lifestyles, routines, and pressures of daily life. These therapies help the individual to achieve physical and mental tranquility. Yoga, an ancient Eastern practice, has gained popularity in recent years as an activity that promotes physical well-being. However, yoga is much more than that. It is also a spiritual and cognitive discipline that scores of people in some of the world’s most practiced religions have incorporated into their lives for centuries. For some, it is an entire way of life.


Yoga is also a healing practice, so it is great for those with injury, illness, disease, or other physical limitations. It is also a holistic practice, meaning that it aims to do more than just focus on symptoms; instead, yoga aims to be a preventive measure. Yoga can be complementary to nearly any other physical activity. It is especially beneficial for those who surf because it goes beyond simple physical strength and ability: it also incorporates awareness of one’s own self and one’s environment.Costa Rica is the perfect natural destination for visitors who are looking for calmness and tranquility in their lives.

This new trend-focused mainly on spa services, yoga, pilates, relaxation, healthy food and other services, corresponding to the trend known worldwide wellness.

The lodging and medical tourism, count on its grill with activities of well-being tourism. The hotel offers in its menu spa, yoga, massage, hot springs and mud baths, for example, although there is no information on the relationship of tourism medical tourism wellness.

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