Investments in Costa Rican Tourist Marinas Raise Anchor

    Infrastructure updates, expansions and openings are among the investments made due to high expectations of boat visits for tourism purposes

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    After more than two years of isolation, the tourist who is passionate about water sports resumes his journeys and finds his travel destination on the Tico coast. Sailboat rides, jet ski tours, the arrival of yachts that promise to lease one hundred percent of the berths and with it the high expectations of a rebound in nautical tourism, drives new investments in Costa Rican marinas.

    Papagayo Marina

    This is the case of the Papagayo Marina, in which a series of updates are being carried out at the docks, due to the visits of dozens of vessels. These investments are made in 100 power stations which must be updated this year. They provide the vessels with fuel, electricity and water supply, while they are docked, explained Ing. Jorge Chaverry, CEO of Itecna, an engineering and technology solutions company in charge of updating the stations of each of the the dock stalls.

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    “The Marina is making a great investment with the expectation of increasing visits in the short term from the influx of ships that will come to visit us; These types of investments are very high. Our commitment is to finish this year with said process since we have a full agenda for next year”, Chaverri explained.

    In this Marina they also update the metrology part, which implies a renewal towards digital communication systems, which will allow users to view consumption information through the network.

    The dynamism in the new investments is also perceived by Eng. William Ortiz, Sales Manager of Eaton, who assured that there has been an increase in the demand for electrical solutions, including marine lighting pedestals and substations for coastal environments.

    “Frequent use and the highly corrosive saline environment on the coasts produce wear on the stations or pedestals, these factors, added to the interest in providing maintenance to the equipment originally placed, drive the need for renovation so that the marinas are prepared to assume the new needs of consumers”, assured Ortiz.

    Flamingo Marina

    For its part, the Flamingo Marina began operations in June with an initial investment of $50,000,000, generating 25 jobs related to the services it provides, while on site it promoted employment for more than 200 people. The marina has 92 berths, a shopping center and a fuel station. The second stage of the project will start between 2023 and 2024.

    Pez Vela Marina

    In the Pez Vela Marina, the announcement of new investments is expected by the end of this year, among which is the supposed opening of a new hotel. However, the details of it have been reserved by those responsible for the navy until further notice.

    Limón Marina

    For next year, the construction of a Marina in Limón is expected through a public-private partnership, according to the international company Moffatt & Nichol, who carried out a pre-feasibility study.

    Costa Rica competes with high-quality destinations in Europe and the Caribbean to attract nautical tourism. Before the COVID pandemic, the country received about 550 boats per month, 350 of foreign origin.

    There are currently five tourist marinas on the Pacific coast, which represent an investment of $500 million. The marinas generate direct jobs for more than 2,500 people and generate a series of indirect jobs associated with boat services and tourist trade.

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