In 2023, Almost All Holidays Will Fall on a Business Day

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    In 2023 all holidays will fall on a business day; the only exception was Sunday, January 1st. Highlight April as the best month to plan a vacation getaway. In the fourth month of the year, there will be 3 holidays that, together with a weekend, will generate a block of 5 consecutive days off.

    That will happen in the first week of April during Holy Week. According to the holiday schedule for 2023, Holy Thursday and Good Friday will be held on April 6th and 7th. April 8th and 9th will be Saturday and Sunday and to this will be added the holiday of the Battle of Rivas that will fall on Tuesday, but its celebration was moved to the 10th. Thanks to Law 9875, which ordered that holiday be moved to the nearest Monday in order to extend the weekend and promote domestic tourism during the years 2020 to 2024.

    The 3 holidays that will be enjoyed in April 2023, and that are part of that group of days off, are mandatory payment, as established in article 148 of the Labor Code. In the country there are 12 holidays that are celebrated every year. Out of them, 9 are mandatory payment; the other 3, non-compulsory payment.

    2023 Holiday List:

    Sunday January 1st: New Year. (Mandatory payment)

    April 6th: Holy Thursday. (Mandatory payment)
    April 7th: Good Friday. (Mandatory payment)
    Tuesday April 11th moves to Monday 10th: Battle of Rivas. (Mandatory payment)

    Monday May 1st: Labor Day. (Mandatory payment)

    Tuesday July 25th is moved to Monday the 24th: Annexation of the Nicoya Party to Costa Rica. (Mandatory payment)

    Wednesday, August 2nd: Virgen de Los Ángeles Day (Payment not required)
    Tuesday August 15th is moved to Monday the 14th: Mother’s Day. (Mandatory payment)

    August 31st is moved to Sunday September 3rd: Day of the Black Person and Afro-Costa Rican Culture. (Payment not required)
    Friday September 15th: Independence Day. (Mandatory payment)

    Friday, December 1st: Day of the Abolition of the Army in Costa Rica. (Payment not required)
    Monday December 25th: Christmas. (Mandatory payment).
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