Costa Rica Holds First Domestic Tourism FairThe Costa Rica News (TCRN) – The first National Tourism Fair of Costa Rica will be held in San Jose on November 23rd and 24th in order to encourage local and domestic tourism, official sources announced.

“The national tourism industry has come together to strengthen the promotion of domestic tourism, with the ultimate goal of their country as a tourist destination,” said the deputy manager of the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT), Ireth Rodriguez, in a statement.

The event will take place at a key moment in which Costa Rican families start planning their holidays and the beginning of the year, with the ability to choose between all the options which includes more than 45 participating companies.

Among the participants are tour operators, theme parks, hosting companies, car rental agencies, as well as rural tourism.

The head of tourism development in the ICT, Ruth Alfaro, said that this fair will serve to show the strategy of consolidating local tourist destinations, which aims to increase the competitiveness and quality of products.

“This strategy hopes to highlight the positive elements and individuals from the various corners of the country to emphasize our cultural and historical heritage,” said Alfaro.

The fair will feature presentations from baristas, local food, traditional cocktails, folk groups, children’s workshops, cultural activities for seniors, among others.

Tourism is one of the main engines of the Costa Rican economy, employing about 150,000 people directly and around 400,000 indirectly. (EFE)

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