How to Practice Meditation in Front of the Sea

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    The ideal place to meditate and relax: the sea. Because it is a natural environment, its smell, its sound, its tranquility, it is a setting widely used for this purpose. Many people meditate in front of the sea obtaining great benefits for their health, in addition to maintaining a constant joy. If you want to know how to achieve it, here we will tell you.

    Steps to follow:


    To practice meditation in front of the sea, the first thing is to wear very comfortable and flexible clothes. Ideally so that you do not get hot or cold during the exercise of meditation. It is recommended to bring a blanket or something that insulates from the cold or heat of the sand, since it can be annoying.


    Try to go first thing in the morning, at sunrise, or at dusk. These are the moments in which meditation causes a greater effect, and much more if it is practiced in a natural area where the energy of the tides and the sun is directly received.


    Find a quiet area where there are not many people, with the sole purpose of not being distracted by noise. It is best to just listen to the natural noise of the environment.


    It is advisable to situate yourself near the shore to practice meditation in front of the sea, but avoid getting wet at all times.


    Lay down the blanket and lie down on it. Take a pillow to raise your head a little and be comfortable. Lie down, take off your shoes and if you can, feel the sand on the beach.


    Close your eyes, stretch your legs apart at hip height. Place the arms with the hands facing up parallel to the body. Relax, relax all the muscles in your body as much as you can, until you don’t feel them.


    Don’t think about anything, just listen to the sounds of the sea, the waves, the birds. Feel the smell of salt, the smell of wet sand. Let yourself be carried away by all those sensations and nothing else.


    Stay in that state for a few minutes, until your body can handle it. Then slowly come back up. Do it little by little, slowly moving your feet and hands and from here, move the rest of your body.

    Additional Tips:

    If you can, practice it every day.

    Put your mind blank.

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