How to make your Easter Themed Sale a Success in 5 Easy Steps

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    Chocolates, bunnies, and the holidays – who doesn’t love Easter?! From gathering around and hearing stories of Easter tradition to going on Easter egg hunts for delicious chocolate treasure, there’s a special place that this holiday holds. 

    And of course, one of the best things to look forward to in the season is the Easter-themed sales! People are always looking out for the best deals, and as a business owner, Easter is the perfect time to bank in on such customers and promote your themed sales!

    Confused about how to make your offerings stand out? Here are some simple tips to promote your Easter-themed sale:

    1. Host an Instagram Live Session

    While regularly posting on social media is a necessary tactic to build your presence in the mind of existing and potential consumers, it’s often story content that gets higher views and engagement. And hosting an Instagram live session is the perfect way to boost your Easter-themed sale!

    You can either enlist an Instagram influencer that’s relevant to your business model or have your colleagues conduct the life themselves. Make sure to include details about the sale that’s going on and to highlight some of the best buys that customers can find. Of course, it goes without saying that it’s important not to make the live session seem too information-packed – maintaining a good flow and division between sales information and community engagement is what will make your live stand! 

    1. Invest in Easter-themed Flyers

    Everybody loves a good flyer! Not only are they easy to keep on hand, but they’re also a great way of interacting with information without it being overwhelming. You can design Easter-themed flyers to promote your Easter sale, displaying them across town and having them distributed at key locations. 

    And if you’re worried about failing in the design department, then PosterMyWall’s Easter flyer templates are just the thing you need! An easy-to-use platform, PosterMyWall boasts an extensive collection of Easter flyer templates, helping businesses adjust their designs to their requirements – and since they’re fully customizable, you can always stay true to your brand image. 

    1. Give out free Easter Eggs

    Nothing says Easter like a chocolate egg, and giving out free ones is a surefire tactic to promote your Easter sale! Simply put up social media posts and utilize your SMS and email marketing channels to advertise that you’ll be giving away chocolate eggs on sale days. You can even get an Instagram or TikTok influencer on board to create some publicity around the deal!

    Soon, you’ll see crowds filling in through the doors – just be sure to stock up on your chocolate egg supplies!

    1. Use Google Ads for Paid Advertisements

    While social media strategies, email marketing, and advertisement modes such as flyering are all effective in their own right, there’s little that comes close to the power, impact, and reach of paid advertising. 

    You can use Google Ads to put out paid adverts for your Easter sale that are segmented not only according to geography but also other demographic factors. And by zeroing in on your target market you’ll be able to extract a better marketing ROI due to targeted segmentation. 

    Of course, make sure that your ad copy is distinguished so that it carries through the customer conversion process. You can also add graphics to accompany your written ad to make it more appealing to users that are scrolling away on their browsers. 

    1. Send out the Emails!

    Despite the immense developments in technology over the recent years, there’s one tactic in marketing that remains unchanged – that of email marketing. 

    A channel that boasts the highest click and conversion rates and to this day remains as a daily activity for thousands of people spread across the country is just the tool you need to advertise your Easter sale! 

    Start by drafting a catchy subject line that gets the reader interested – good tactics include adding their name or a time limit – as this will be the first thing your user sees. And as for the content, make sure to incorporate a mix of text and visuals so as to not overwhelm the user with an overdrive of information. 

    So, if you’re looking to promote your Easter sale, then these tips and tricks are your go-to. Just be sure to add your own twist!


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