How Does Music Influence Sex?

    “…listening to music when having sex not only has the power to set the mood but also serves as a stimulant and helps us lose our senses”

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    Listening to music while you clean, work or exercise can help make the process enjoyable. But, when having sexual activity, have you tried to put a playlist in the background that matches the occasion? If you haven’t tried it yet, but you want to experiment, we’ll tell you about the influence of music on sex and the best musical genres so you can enjoy its benefits.

    In an article published by UNAM Global, Hugo Sánchez Castillo, a professor at the Faculty of Psychology, explained that listening to music while having sex not only has the power to set the mood but also serves as a stimulant and helps us lose our senses. However, he clarified that contrary to what some studies indicate, music does not have the ability to make us have better orgasms or greater sexual pleasure.

    “Music can give us certain characteristics. What if the tonality of the instrument, its speed; added together, plus the lyrics of the song and the singer’s voice, creates an environment that helps the person to facilitate his sexual behavior, but as such music is not going to give me better orgasms”, he said. Rather, for the expert “music is part of a set of elements that we can combine in order to create an environment that facilitates sex”.

    What is the perfect music genre for sexual encounters?

    Sánchez Castillo commented that songs with lyrics about sex are normal because it is part of human nature, since music is a form of expression and therefore, “it will be dotted with what we feel, believe and want”. As for the type of music that is best for setting up more intimate situations, the academic cited a study carried out by the University of London, entitled “Science Behind the Song”, which shows the advantages and disadvantages of various musical genres. The results are the following:

    Rock and heavy metal- It is quite perfect for sex. Both genders allow people to focus their attention on enjoyment, and intercourse can be intense or passionate.

    Reggaeton- It is not an aphrodisiac; this type of music causes sexual encounters to be quick and bland. In addition, the study noted that it decreases brain power and memory.

    Pop- It is advisable for fun and relaxed intercourse. Although it is recommended for couples who are in a relationship, or who have already been intimate, it is not ideal for experimenting.

    Jazz and blues- It stimulates the senses of the couple. If what you are looking for is a calm but sensual encounter, then this is the option.

    Classical- It is ideal for tantric sex (that is a meditative sexual practice that seeks to stimulate people to focus on mental connection).

    Electronics- Just like reggaeton, due to its rhythm, this genre is for something fast.

    Despite the study, Sánchez Castillo considers that there is no perfect type of music for having sexual relations, since this can vary depending on what the melodies provoke in each person, as well as the musical preferences he or she has.

    Relationship between reggaeton and sex

    The university student also said that, although many people do not like reggaeton, it is a genre that represents “the liberation and freedom of being able to have the sexual condition that you see fit. That there is no prejudice, that there is not a pejorative judgment towards what you do, do not do and with whom you do it”.

    Although he recommended that minors should not be exposed to this genre because “it causes faster sexual maturation and a desire to want to exploit it earlier”. Therefore, he recommended that fathers and mothers talk to their sons and daughters about the issue.

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