Hidden Beauties of Costa Rica That You Should Know

    A land of grace that harmoniously unites the strength of the volcano, the heat of the sea and the cold of the mountains

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    The charm of Costa Rica is so great that it seems that everything has already been shown, discussed and photographed, that there is no beautiful corner left unexplored, either by Costa Ricans or foreigners. But in reality, nothing is further from the truth.

    There are still hundreds of little-visited, rarely traveled and extremely beautiful places in this land of grace that harmoniously unites the strength of the volcano, the heat of the sea and the cold of the mountains. There are spaces that remain pure and impress with their beauty, since they have hardly been touched by man.

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    Which of these do you know?

    Playa Bonita, Limon

    The warm waves of the Caribbean Sea and the beautiful golden sands are some of the most striking features of this beach, located near Punta Blanca. Among its rocky coastlines, colorful marine species, different types of corals, and many birds abound. It is the perfect place for those looking to get away from the routine, photograph nature or enjoy good surfing.

    Canales de Tortuguero, Limon

    For a day trip, the Tortuguero Canals are the ideal space. In the place they have small boats to enjoy the current and go around the mangroves. These trees are full of life: sloths, turtles, iguanas and monkeys can be seen while butterflies of the most vivid colors surround them. They are the safe companions on every trip.In addition, you can complete the visit in one of the nearby towns. The local rice and beans are delicious.

    Playa Guiones, Guanacaste

    The quality of the fauna and flora of the area, and the conservation efforts have made this place receive an Ecological Flag award. It is one of the most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica due to its calm waves, the lush green spaces in the surroundings and the diving areas. At sunset, when the tide goes out, small lagoons of water form between the white sand, ideal for resting while watching the sun disappear.

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