April Looks Very Musical in Costa Rica With Many International Artists Presenting Their Shows

    Starting next week there will be a varied agenda of presentations for different tastes; pop, ballads, cumbia, northern, tropical and trash metal.

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    The list of artists who will arrive in the country includes, among others:


    Eden Muñoz

    Ana Barbara


    Olga Tañón

    Voice You See

    Tito Nieves



    The details of their presentations are as follows:

    April 13th:

    Within the framework of the San Carlos Expo, the Livestock Chamber will host Cañaveral, Edén Muñoz and Ana Bárbara, in a concert that will begin at 6 p.m. and for people over 15 years old,

    Tickets are available at The prices are:

    Platinum table A, B, C and D: ¢138,000

    Diamond table E, F, G and H: ¢110,000

    VIP platform A and B: ¢68,000

    VIP standing grass: ¢45,000

    Foot grass: ¢27,000

    Ana Barbara

    The Venezuelans from Voz Veis, who are focused on romantic ballads, will be at Melico Salazar that day as part of La Última Función World Tour.

    Tickets are sold at

    Regular center rear window: ¢65,600

    Side window: ¢53,700

    First floor left box: ¢47,700

    First floor right box: ¢47,700

    Second floor balcony: ¢41,750

    Second floor boxes left and right: ¢41,750

    Third floor balcony: ¢32,200

    Third floor box left and right: ¢32,000

    Fourth floor gallery: ¢26,250

    Also on April 13, the Brazilians from Sepultura, considered one of the greatest exponents of trash metal, will be at Club Pepper’s in Curridabat.

    CristianArce, from Blackline Productions, explained that the VIP area is practically sold out (¢44,000) and there are only spaces available in general, which cost ¢34,000. And there aren’t many left, he said.

    Sepultura is a Brazilian thrash metal band formed in 1984 in Belo Horizonte by brothers Max (guitar and vocals) and Igor Cavalera (drums) (Instagram).

    April 14th

    The German power/speed metal band Gammaray (or Gamma Ray) will perform at Club Pepper’s. Tickets are available at

    VIP: ¢45,000

    General: ¢35,000

    April 17th

    The Americans Anthrax – originally from New York – will take over Club Peppers with their trash metal together with Overkill. Tickets are also on. at these prices:

    ¢48,000 in VIP

    ¢37,000 General

    April 20th

    Olga Tañón and Tito Nieves will be at the Convention Center in Heredia.

    Ticket prices are on and ticket prices are as follows:

    Fire Woman: ¢99,680

    Diamond: ¢78,561

    Electrifying: ¢63,355

    Preferential: ¢46,883

    Latin:; ¢16,050

    Olga Tañón

    April 23rd

    The Chilean Mon Laferte will sing for the Ticos that day on the esplanade of the National Stadium.

    Arce, from Blackline Productions, indicated that there are no tickets available. A little more than 7,000 people are expected in an auditorium-type presentation.

    Doors will open at 4 p.m., and there will be a lounge for fans to eat and drink.

    Take into account:

    It is also important that if you go, you take into account important aspects such as, for example, the items that will not be allowed to take to either of the two concerts.


    Sharp Objet



    Parasols or umbrellas of all kinds

    Food and drinks

    Professional or semi-professional cameras

    Bags over 30 cm


    Flags over one meter

    Thermal vessels

    Large posters

    Drugs of any kind

    Seats of any type

    wallet chains



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