Alex Castilblanco Launches New Book The Journey to Mars: Beyond Earthly Limits

    Embark on an epic space journey with this captivating book chronicling the first crewed mission to Mars.

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    Bruce Callow
    Bruce Callow is a Canadian teacher and co-author of the book To the Stars: Costa Rica in NASA. He does space education outreach work on behalf of NASA.

    My name is Alex Castilblanco. I am from Nicaragua but I have lived most of my life in Costa Rica. I have always loved listening to music, reading and writing.

    When did your interest in space exploration begin?

    Well it all started when I was a child, my attention was always drawn to the planets, constellations and stars. As I grew up I became aware of the possibilities of life on other planets and as more research began to be done on that I felt that this was the key point for the idea to come alive in my mind.

    Tell us about the process of writing this book and what audience you want to reach?

    The process was difficult at times because there were moments when I didn’t get enough ideas that I wanted, but with enough motivation the process became more fun. Regarding the audience I wanted to reach, well I always thought to design the book for anyone, whether they were familiar with Mars or not. The idea is that they would be interested in the book since the book not only talks about Mars but also about how strong bonds are established during a space mission and many more things

    What inspired you to write it?

    Since I was a teenager I always liked writing. I used to write a lot of poems, most of the time I admired writers who managed to write a complete book and I was always curious about what it would be like to write a book. When I was presented with the opportunity to write one by Bruce and Create & Learn it was a great opportunity that I knew I should not miss. What always inspired me to carry this out was to trust in myself, believe in my skills and abilities to develop a story like this one.

     What do you hope readers will get out of reading your book?

    I hope the book will be a call from the present to the future, as there is a possibility that the world we live in could become extinguished at any moment and that it is time to worry about what is coming soon.

    But I also want to convey to them that the idea of traveling to another planet is not an easy process and you must prepare very well for it. You will face many challenges and must devote much effort to carry it out. This message transfers to real life.

    You are a young writer and this is your first book. What tips can you give to other young authors interested in writing a book?

    That they should always believe in their interests, that they should not be afraid to write or not knowing what to write or not knowing how to organize their ideas. They need trust in their heart that they are doing ok, that they are doing it with love and dedication and everything will turn out well. Each time it will get easier.

    Any other thoughts or messages you would like to share with the readers.

    Don’t be afraid of your imagination. Always be creative and crazy with your ideas, at the end of the day your imagination is the key that will bring your book to life and is what will make it stand out from the rest. Be unique among them all!

    You can read The Journey to Mars: Beyond Earthly Limits here.

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