Minister Of Tourism Committed to Tortuguero

    Community leaders from Tortuguero and San Francisco, in Pococí de Limón, thanked Gustavo Alvarado for his compromise

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    Leaders from Tortuguero and San Francisco, in Pococí de Limón, attended a meeting with the Minister of Tourism, Gustavo Alvarado. In the meeting they analyzed the communal problems and proposals regarding legal and tourist insecurity, commercial patents, evictions, the aerodrome, the Pavona berth and the regulatory plan.

    During the meeting, held at the end of January, the neighbors took the opportunity to expose a series of situations that affect them and the solutions suggested to the government. Neighbors highlighted the cooperative tone of Minister Alvarado, who was on tour to count birds in “the Amazon of Costa Rica.”

    Organized civil society with proposals

    Legal insecurity consists of the lack of recognition of property rights and the negative effects of these on the economy of the community. Cristina Olivares, President of the Tortuguero Integral Development Association (ADI Tortuguero), stated that:

    “We must promote a rapprochement with the new legislators, to promote a regulation that regulates our situation; that the government entities analyze and clarify the competencies of each one and inform the inhabitants”.

    At the meeting, Alvarado commented on the importance that the deputies -in ordinary sessions of the Legislative Assembly- analyze the relevance of several motions presented to improve the DUA Bill.

    Reactivating permits

    Calixto López, President of the Chamber of Commerce of Tortuguero referred to the issue of commercial patents, in the sense that “The tourism authorities must meet with the Municipal Council of Pococí to reactivate those permits necessary for the tourist declaration to businessmen.”

    Regarding the issue of citizen security, Alvarado assured that he will consult with his colleague, Michael Soto, about the possibility of assigning more officers from the Public Force and reinforcing the tourist police in the area.

    Urgent infrastructure

    Access to Tortuguero is only possible by water or by air, so the need to invest in improvements to the Pavona Pier and the Aerodrome was discussed in terms of infrastructure. Alvarado agreed to consult JAPDEVA about the availability of resources for the dock and with the General Directorate of Civil Aviation for the Aerodrome.

    The last aspect discussed was the urgency of protecting Tortuguero and San Francisco with a regulatory plan. Alvarado recognized the direct competence of his office on this issue and assured that he will review it with the department in charge.

    The community leaders were satisfied with the results of the meeting, the good disposition of the Minister and his support for the proposals of the active forces of the Atlantic community, according to Ana Rita Rodríguez Jiménez, spokeswoman for the San Francisco Integral Development Association.

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