Costa Rica is the #1 Destination for those Looking to Celebrate Their Graduation, Reveals ‘Travel + Leisure’

    The tourism magazine Travel + Leisure highlights several points about Costa Rica: proximity to the United States, luxury and hiking without paying whims

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    Once again Costa Rica stands out in different international tourism lists. On this occasion, once again it is the specialized magazine Travel + Leisure that places our country at the top.

    Specifically, Costa Rica is the number 1 country for those who wish to celebrate their graduation, according to a list curated by two collaborators of the publication.These are Maria Diego from Diego Travel and Jean Sanz from JSB Journeys, who provided a list of the best graduation trip ideas based on preferences, budgets and availability.

    The 10 destinations they chose are:

    Costa Rica

    San Diego, California)

    St. Barts

    Buenos Aires and Patagonia

    Travel by car through US national parks



    London and Paris


    Charleston (South Carolina)

    What is said about Costa Rica?

    The tourism magazine highlights several points: proximity to the United States, luxury and hiking without paying whims.“When you want a graduation trip with lots of sun, salt water and beautiful scenery, but don’t want a super long flight, choose Costa Rica, T+L Destination of the Year 2024.The proximity to the United States makes it a quick trip if time is of the essence.

    “In this country of great biodiversity there are numerous opportunities to practice hiking: from routes for beginners to more advanced ones. If you really want to challenge yourself, embark on the 280-kilometer Costa Rica Trail.”

    The best of 2024

    At the end of last year, Travel + Leisure chose Costa Rica as the world destination of 2024.Journalist Katie Jackson offers a number of tips for visitors. These are accommodation options, walks, wellness treatments and even gastronomy that should not be overlooked or, at least, kept in mind.

    But she offers Travel + Leisure readers some must-see things:

    Nayara Springs: “Soak in a pool fed by mineral hot springs.”

    Canopy: “Feel the cloud forest come to life as you soar through the treetops.

    National Parks: “These 28 protected areas are mother nature in its purest form.”

    Limón: “Long live the country’s vibrant Afro-Caribbean culture.”

    Also among the things to do, she proposes:

    Surfing: “Among Costa Rica’s 300 beaches there are waves for hardcore surfers, beginners and everyone in between. One of the best places to practice is Tamarindo, where Iguana Surf instructors are as passionate about teaching as they are about tubing. As you improve, try the Nicoya Peninsula. This zone “is known for its powerful waves and the town of Santa Teresa has a very relaxed and bohemian atmosphere.”

    Wellness: “Wellness is a way of life in Costa Rica – it’s home to one of the world’s five blue zones – so it seems sacrilege not to get a spa treatment while in town.

    Canopy: “Often considered the birthplace of the canopy, Costa Rica offers tours almost everywhere there are trees. Suspension bridges are also usually an option. In Selvatura Park, in the cloud forest of Monteverde, there are almost three kilometers of walkways over the trees.

    Pacuare: “One of the most unknown experiences that can be had is a private excursion through the mountains of Talamanca with a guide from the Cabécar indigenous community. The Pacuare River is also the best place in Central America to practice rafting.”

    The best time to visit Costa Rica… all year round

    “If you are looking to dive in the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean, opt for the dry season, which in the Caribbean part runs from mid-May to mid-December. Meanwhile, in the rest of the country, the dry season is different. It goes from December to May.

    “That’s when everything is open and the roads are passable. If you want to take advantage of low-season rates and avoid the crowds, visit the country during the wet season (which is marketed as the green season).

    “To enjoy the best cultural events, visit the country in January or at Easter. As a Catholic country, many of Costa Rica’s most important holidays coincide with those of the Church. Regardless of the time of year, you can always watch sea turtles nesting and hatching, go ziplining (rain or shine) and learn to surf,” Travel + Leisure published.

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