Guanacaste Suffers the Consequences of Devastating Forest Fires

    Damage caused by the flames could take 20 years to recover

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    Specialists have cataloged the voracious fires the recently ravaged Guanacaste forest as one of the most acute registered in the country`s history. His experience indicates that the damage caused by the flames could take about 20 years to recover.

    Nelson Marín, Director of the Tempisque Conservation Area, responded as follows when approached by various local media and to learn his opinion regarding the damage and havoc left by these fires.

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    “The effects on natural resources are of greater consideration, since secondary forest coverage is lost that will take years to recover, loss of native species that are very slow growing,” explained Marín.

    Important negative effects on the ecosystem, product of the flames

    Among the most affected faunas, rodents, different types of snakes and minor fauna stand out. Where mammals that begin their life stage can be included, in reality these are usually the most vulnerable, because with their babies they have fewer tools to defend themselves.

    With regard to this situation, climate change and the variation in temperatures added to the direction of intense winds mean that this type of ecosystem is almost completely lost and is an easily accessible prey to the flames.

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