“Jaco Impact” Continues With Its Commitment to Provide Tools for Consolidating a Better Society

    The basis of society is the family and for this reason it is the objective of “Jaco Impact” for development of its project

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    With the motto “creating alliances”, the motivating flame that moves Jaco Impact continues more alive than ever, presenting effective options that allow the empowerment of the whole community in different arts and crafts.

    It could be said that this initiative has been taking place due to the need that is evident in various areas in different sectors of Costa Rica. As the founder of this project Yorgina Ureña, better known to the locals as Yor, has pointed out on several occasions.

    A mission that goes beyond helping

    Integrating the community, developing activities that allow integration, taking into account and generating awareness is the framework in which this proposal is currently being developed. Presenting them to everyone within the framework of the mission for which Jaco Impact was founded. The same of the voice of Ureña is a project to offer a hand to all without any kind of distinction. In order to exploit the talent that exists in our different communities.

    Achievements that have made it the Jaco Impact backbone

    The achievement and the greatest emotion that the people who make life within this organization indicate goes back to the union of several social actors that allow unifying spaces for the growth of all.

    Help us to help.

    I never dreamed of success. Work to get to it” Estée Lauder

    Inspired by this phrase, this project currently has an operations center which is located in the Logde house where most of the donations are received in order to continue with the proper functioning of this proposal.

    What is the most gratifying thing that this type of action gives to those who are its protagonists?

    According to Ureña, when consulted as the most rewarding thing about this work that is founded from her own initiative, she is emphatic in pointing out that what she enjoys the most is helping and seeing her community grow and knowing that she can inspire others through your initiative and project.

    It is hoped that with the help of all this project it will continue to grow for the benefit of all. Join in, you can also be part of that group that leaves its mark and makes a difference for the country.

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