Guide to Man Bun Hairstyles

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    Man bun hairstyles are no doubt that they have grown in popularity over the past decades and more people are embracing them. Here is what you need to know about these styles.

    Understanding Man Bun Hairstyles

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    Man bun hairstyle has been the go-to style for most men. The style requires you to have long hair and then tie it together either to the crown of the head or at the back. It is not very picky with face shapes, and it is a preferred hairstyle because it shows off the man’s facial features.

    Today, you can tie a man bun in many styles. Some men like the bun on the crown, while others prefer it on the downside of the head. Others combine the man bun with a fading undercut, and other men will have half hair up and half down.

    What is a Man-Bun?

    Man-bun style is unisex, and its popularity continues to grow as years go by. The style is effortless to achieve because it is undemanding in terms of tools and hair products. You only use a comb and gather all the hair at the center or back of the head. The stylist then uses a rubber band or a hairband to tie the hair firmly together. They can also add other accessories to add style to the bun and keep it safe.

    This style only suits long hair. For your hair to be held in a bun style, it must be at least 6 inches long. People with weak hair should avoid holding it tightly with the hairband because it could lead to hair breakage.

    1. There Is A Difference Between Man-Bun And Top Knot

    Although the two styles look similar, they are different in the lengths of the hair. According to MensHaircuts, the top-knot only requires you to have long hair at the top of the head. With a burn, your hair should be long on all sides of the head.

    The top knot was mainly for the men who wanted a bun, but the hair on their sides was short. Also, with a man bun style, the man keeps the entire hair at the back of the head. Top-knot features a ponytail tied higher in the head, at the crown.

    2. How To Get A Man-Bun

    •  The main ingredient of man bun hairstyle is hair and for that reason, if you decide to rock this style, you first need to grow your hair to a longer length without trimming it. Though for most people this may take a while, it is absolutely worth the effort and time put in growing your hair.
    • When your hair gets to a point, you can gather it at the center of the head, use a hairband to tie it into a bun or a ponytail.
    • You can use gel to hold the sides together. Other hair products like lotions and butter will add more shine to the hair.

    3. Get The Right Bun For Your Face Shape

    Although man bun and top knots are not very picky with face shapes, they can still go wrong with some shapes. There are different kinds of buns so you should choose which one goes well with your face shape. The trick could be the length of hair you have to style for different face shapes.

    4. Oval Face Shapes

    The oval-shaped men can comfortably wear the full man bun style. You can add some variations to the style to make it more angular and help you bring out the face features clearer.

    5. Square Face Shapes

    Men with square face shapes can try the undercut and the shaved sides. Pairing that with the top knot and a well-kept beard will leave you stunning. This style is the most suitable for you because it will reduce the angles of your face.

    6. Triangle Face Shapes

    Triangle face shapes can be balanced well by the high bun or the top knot style. This reduces the angles of the face and adds some volume to the face.

    7. How To Grow A Man Bun

    Growing a man bun can take some time because your hair has to grow to a length you can hold at the center. Avoid cutting the strands for some time until it extends past 6 inches. Clean your hair and use the right products to maintain its health and to avoid breakages. Also, use good supplements like natural hair boosters and herbal ones to boost hair growth.


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