Why Do Dental Tourists Love Costa Rica?

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    There are lots of global dental tourism destinations that offer affordable dental care. But why does Costa Rica always seem to be at the top of everyone’s list for dental tourism?

    Tens of thousands of dental tourists travel to Costa Rica each year to receive cosmetic and restorative dentistry treatments. But why travel to Costa Rica for this work? What is the allure of dental tourism in Costa Rica? This tiny Central American nation with more than 6000 dentists offers international patients substantial savings on dental work. Dental tourists also receive US quality treatments while enjoying this tropical vacation hotspot that is also acclaimed as a welcoming, tourist-friendly destination. 

    Let’s take a look at some of the top reasons that dental tourists love Costa Rica.



    With savings of 50-75% on most cosmetic and restorative treatments, dental tourists pay a fraction of the price on their treatments even after factoring in flights, transportation, and accommodations. Your Costa Rica dental clinic can coordinate pick up, drop off, and assist with booking travel and accommodation to make your visit seamless and enjoyable. Imagine coming to Costa Rica for an unforgettable vacation and getting your cosmetic or restorative dental treatments completed to wrap up your trip.

    In some cases, the cost of the vacation and dental treatment combined is still less than having the treatment alone in the US or Canada. 

    High-Quality Dental Care with a Guarantee

    Most US or Canadian dental clinics may offer a short-term or zero guarantee on dental work. Here in Costa Rica, the highest-ranking dental clinics offer not only excellent pricing but often offer a Lifetime or Limited Guarantee on dental treatments and restorations. With clinics offering the most cutting-edge technology and materials, bilingual service, and dentists that are highly trained in modern dental techniques; dental tourists can attain the same treatments they would at home, at a more affordable price point. Goodness Dental in Costa Rica is consistently ranked as one of the best dental clinics in the world by Global Clinic Rating. In 2021, Goodness Dental made the Global Top Five Best Clinics list for the third consecutive year.

    A Stay in Paradise 

    A hammock from a tree on a beach

        Since most dental tourists travel to Costa Rica for non-urgent dental work, they can potentially come for a few days or a week before their treatments, allowing them to soak in a little bit of leisure time!

    Costa Rica is a country rich in nature and wildlife, crystal clear waters and sandy beaches, fresh fruit, flavorful cuisine, some of the best coffee in the world, sport-fishing, whale-watching, uninhabited tropical islands, shopping, cheap massages and spa treatments, in addition to world-class dental care facilities and services. 

    Dental tourists enjoy safe and easy travel while in Costa Rica, with the ability to utilize American dollars throughout the country. Most places offer bilingual service, and North American standard accommodations can easily be found throughout San Jose and surrounding areas. 

    If you require dental work and would like to save money and get a written quality guarantee backed by top globally-ranked dental clinics, consider treating yourself to a dental vacation in paradise.Going to the dentist just got fun again!

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