Good Reasons to Be an Expat in Costa Rica

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    Whether in search of adventure, to follow your partner, or simply for a change of scenery, day after day there are more people who decide to seek different opportunities and venture into unknown lands.

    In this regard, changing a country means learning another language, changing routine, taking an interest in the culture and integrating socially. In the short or medium term, this will surely give you a new perspective on the world, opening you up to diversity and bringing you closer to yourself.

    In this post, we give you 5 good reasons to embark on this wonderful expatriation experience.

    1. You will not be alone


    If you think that you will be alone when moving to another country, you should know that adding up, until today, more than 3 million people -approximately- change residence from their native country to another country every year.

    2. Starting new adventures

    Expatriation is literally an adventure; whether it is temporary or long-term, it is an immersion into the unknown: another country, another culture, another language, new people, etc. At first, it may sound a bit scary but, actually, it is a great opportunity to change your life, try new things, and reinvent yourself. For example, many people who live abroad get professional training, discover new passions, and may even get to meet people they would never meet in their own country.

    3. It enriches your professional life

    Going to live in another country can be a real boost for your career. This shows an openness and adaptability that might interest recruiters (not to mention knowledge of a foreign language). Going abroad can make you grow up easier and faster than in your own country. It will even motivate you to train in other domains. And if you are unemployed or a recent graduate, working abroad also means more possibilities to get new jobs.

    4. You can meet new people

    An expat is always welcome at meetings. Often this is what makes someone decide to stay in a country or not. When you arrive in a new country, it is the perfect opportunity to surround yourself with people with different cultures and values. We learn another way of life and thus become more open and more tolerant of people from those other cultures.

    5. You may have better quality of life


    Today, many people are simply looking for a better quality of life. Whether it is the climate, the pace of life, or the environment, it is important to find a lifestyle that satisfies us. Some people prefer to live close to nature or near the sea. It can also be an opportunity to try new activities, such as surfing after work, or hiking on the weekends.

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