Essential Tips if You Decide Traveling to Costa Rica

    Know the best times of the year to visit the Land of Pure Life

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    The idea of ​​being able to present this material is to offer the traveler a kind of practical guide that will be useful when embarking on the trip. If you are about to travel to Costa Rica this information will be very helpful.

    Depending the seasons

    Depending on the plan you have to visit the country, the most important thing to highlight at this point is that it is advisable to know what to expect in different months of the year. If, for example, your intention is to enjoy the Costa Rican Caribbean, the recommendation would be that you schedule your trip between the months of September and November. Generally in these months there is usually rain in the rest of the country; but in contrast to that, it is precisely there where you will get the best climate and the most beautiful blues in this part of the country, that is, the Costa Rican Caribbean.

    On the contrary, if you decide to travel the whole country and want to know the largest number of destinations in the same trip, the recommendation here is the months of December to April, since they are the months where the dry season exists in the country. However, it is the high season in terms of tourism that will require you to invest much more money in your trip.

    The low season can be found from May to November and it stands out for getting the best prices and discounts that will be generated throughout the year. What is an excellent option and will allow you to know more than one destination in this beautiful country

    Costa Rica is a country of adventure

    Costa Rica is a country that has an incredible culture of tourism and for its inhabitants, this is a sacred aspect. For this reason, you will be able to take a trip full of adventures and without having to spend more than necessary.

    As additional information and in this same order of ideas, we can also highlight that if you want to vacation in Costa Rica without renting a car, the country’s public transport also offers a good service and can shorten distances between most of the most places in the nation.

    Being a biodiverse country, you will see the fauna in its natural habitat, remember to protect it and do not try to feed it, touch or want to move it from one place to another. Costa Rica waits for you. The invitation is made, the decision is yours.
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