Can the Migratory Flow Really Affect Costa Rica?

    From South America, the Caribbean and even from Asia and Africa, migrants undertake a journey full of dangers

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    Costa Rica is a country that throughout its history has opened its doors to migrants of different nationalities. This land is one of the Latin American countries with a large percentage of foreign population, that can exceed 15%. In addition to this, this part of the planet was also part of the route that people follow in search of a dream and a better quality of life towards the United States.

    In recent times, Latin America has become a transit area for thousands of migrants who pursue a dream and a better quality of life for themselves and, above all, for their families. From South America, the Caribbean and even from Asia and Africa, migrants undertake a journey full of dangers in order to live this adventure that, according to many of them, will change their lives forever.

    Costa Rica, a transit country on the list of many migrants

    Recently the migratory flow has increased to a great extent in our country, this can be evidenced in cities like San José, the country’s capital, where dozens of people of different nationalities roam, including Venezuelans and Nicaraguans, many of whom sell on the streets and sometimes ask for help.

    This situation can be classified as an unprecedented phenomenon, since migrants in transit have usually gone unnoticed, as they try to cross the country as quickly as possible and without leaving a trace. Many of them have to continue their journey to the northern border with Nicaragua. This is because they want to continue traveling to different destinations and some more risky ones want to continue their journey to Mexico and try to cross the border with the United States despite the restrictions.

    Changes in immigration policies open up the possibility for migrants to remain in Costa Rica

    Despite the fact that the immigration policies of the United States changed radically for Venezuelans who wanted to enter the North American country, many migrants who temporarily passed through Costa Rica have decided to stop here for a while to collect some extra money and be able to continue on their way to the American dream, while others, fearing reprisals, seek to adapt and start a new life on Costa Rican soil.

    This situation occurs according to the comments of the migrants themselves because on occasions they also have to sell everything in their countries of origin with the hope of going out looking and above all finding a better future.

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