Did You Know That July Is The Month To “Resoñar” In Costa Rica?

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    The month of July in Costa Rica is to “Resoñar” everything that allows us to bring out our best version and transmit that to those around us. You will ask “Resoñar”? and that is the name of the totally different Festival that you can attend from the 30th until dawn on the 31st of July. Organized by the amazing Resonance Costa Rica team, all oriented in one frequency, one vibration. The Resoñar Festival is to celebrate community life, art, music, gastronomy and every part of our being.

    Resonance, for so long, has changed the lives of those who have experienced its events, each retreat, each of its spaces. In “Resoñar”, acoustic and electronic music artists, the team of Félix Larisika, Graciela, and Estelle from Resonance, will ensure that each of the people enjoy their essence like never before.

    Felix and his good vibes

    We spoke with Félix Larisika and he told us where he comes from, what he does, what he is passionate about and his purpose with Renoncance and the Resoñar Festival.

    Felix was born in Germany and grew up in Argentina, when he finished high school he decided to visit Central America. In Central America, Larisika has linked up with conscious communities and worked on the Morpho farm around Costa Rica. Lead a life with sustainable practices, yoga, meditation, rituals and ancestral practices; he likes to collaborate with other artists and projects like Resonance, to organize events,

    Considering that “in the union is strength”

    He has been connected with several communities in Costa Rica, located for example, in the Diamante Valley, Tinamaste, Dominical, Chirripo, Monteverde and Jacó area.

    Félix Larisika is a static dance musician and DJ. In his opinion, the Resoñar Festival is partly a reflection of Resonance, of what they have been working on together, “a brand made in community, with essence and creativity.”

    Definitely, the event brings it and “in it” you will be able to know in depth what is organized collectively, music, static dance (conscious dance format), live music, the spontaneous and the talent to spare in the various areas.

    The ideal for the magnificent Resonance team is to make you identify yourself, accept yourself and connect with different people, with their cultures, valuing ethics, of course in safe spaces, without taboo, without exclusion, allowing everyone to dream together!

    If you want to participate in the jungle call event, go to this link:

    Resonance Costa Rica
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