“Resonar” A Unique Gathering For Everyone In Costa Rica

    If you find yourself thinking about what to do in Costa Rica, we tell you that there are many options to live unique moments, especially from July 29th to 31st, the date of the "Resonar" Festival, join in the frequency and vibration that is being organized at Resonance Costa Rica.

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    If you find yourself thinking about what to do in Costa Rica, we tell you that there are many options to live unique moments, especially from July 30th to 31st, the date of “Resonar” Gathering, join in the frequency and vibration that is being organized at Resonance Costa Rica.

    Everyone will celebrate life, art, love and community

    By mentioning Resonance, you will already be oriented towards living everything good, conscious and in harmony. “Resonar” is timely to celebrate music (medicinal acoustic and electronic), good food, warm people and much more.

    Among all the artists of acoustic and electronic music, the team of Félix Larisika, Graciela and Estelle will make us feel in total connection with our being, through each movement, here we really have to be authentic ans show our true essence.

    Let’s learn about the organizers, their connection and motivation

    Graciela Mandujano, is an artist and integral therapist, she is part of the creation of “Resonar”, with the MOD & Sacred Arts platform. She was born and raised in Honduras, and has been living in Costa Rica for 15 years, she is currently living in Cartago.

    Resonance Costa Rica

    In the Central American country, she studied dentistry at the Universidad Latina, a career that she does not practice since her life path turned to her passion for the arts, specifically dance, music, yoga and energetic work.

    Graciela, has 12 years of experience as a professional dancer, yoga teacher and facilitator of women’s circles. Producing events related to dances, retreats, national and international workshops.

    With 8 years of experience through integral therapy, Mandujano, facilitates spaces to accompany people in their awakening, acquire tolos for healing and create the life they deserve through shamanic, energetic techniques, work with Angels, metaphysics, among others.

    “My inspiration is art, it is to connect with women and accompany them to awaken their essence. I faithfully believe in the strength of the circle and living in community, awakening that we all have the ability to remember our talents and abilities to use them for our mission or purpose of life,” she said.

    What motivates you about Resonance?

    Graciela and her partner Estelle, whom we will talk about later, feel a great connection with Resonance, for being a great place, a retreat, with nature and the sea, an unforgettable view and, on behalf of its co-founders, the purpose of doing activities, events that make a difference in every way.

    It turns out that everyone had the dream of consciously creating a Festival, a format totally different from what is known, something that is more in resonance or alignment with a need to open all the senses; In addition to having a good time, the idea is to do something that leaves a mark on the soul, healing.

    It should be noted that “Gracie” as Graciela and Estelle are also called, together they have acquired a lot of experience in the world of production and dance, they love to embellish anything, ideas, creativity, light, colors, shapes and textures, that resonate in the heart. They are the ones who are giving a great contribution in the design of posters, flyers and more, they are the feminine touch forResonar”.

    “It is a project without drugs, without alcohol, that will be for the whole family, all ages, beyond being at a festival, it will be a day to be in community, something very characteristic of Resonance Costa Rica,” said Graciela.

    Those who attend will be able to really live a unique experience, connected with their being and nature, it is a way to remove paradigms as well as the one that says “if there is no alcohol, then why go?”, everyone will have a good time, without needing substance use, “we’re excited to be there as creators, to make a difference in the audience.”

    Very important, and that is that the people who are going to be involved as artists are locals, who have a lot to offer, to connect. And of course, Graciela and Estelle will be one of the artists who will share medicinal music, with their group Elaki, music for the soul, to raise the frequency.

    Events like “Resonar” unite cultures, Costa Rican and Universal, generate safe spaces, where all expressions are welcome, where having a good time will last until dawn.

    Resonance Costa Rica
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