Create Your Own Mobile Office!

Digital Businesses Are Meant to Work Remotely from Anywhere Around the World

The business world and technological growth together join forces to create sources of employment, thus presenting quality work, offering opportunities through its digital platforms.

It is important to note that remote working, although virtual in the cyberspace, must have a base of operations that has the minimum operational requirements according to the type of business. In general, you will need a computer, an optimal Internet connection, a separate telephone line, a multifunctional printer, a desk, and an ergonomic chair.

The great advantage of a mobile office is, like its name says, its mobility; that is, its output is not limited to the base of operations. For this to be possible, it is essential to have a basic structural system; otherwise, your mobile office can become non-viable.

A Website to start creating your own mobile office

To those who intend to develop a digital business without a website, I wish them luck. The website is the virtual office that the commercial premises are for the traditional physical office.

Introducing Office Mobile App

It is the reference site where you direct your clients to know about your business and your main marketing tool to capture prospects. Depending on the type of business, it can also be your sales or interaction platform. Having a website gives your mobile office seriousness and formality, so it should be taken very seriously.

There is a saying in marketing “to make money, you have to invest money”, so we cannot pretend to develop a business without making a minimum investment.

Project management tools

The project management platform is the backbone of a mobile office because it facilitates the creation and monitoring of projects and tasks centrally. Before you start any project you need to plan, which implies establishing and writing:

  • Each of the tasks to be performed
  • A person responsible for each task
  • Goals to be reached
  • Control points and delivery dates (among others)

Once everything has been established, how to track and control virtually? The email itself has many drawbacks in that regard. You cannot keep a centralized record of everything discussed about a subject emails may be lost or not reach the recipient. Nowadays there are better options available.

Cloud storage tools

The use of cloud storage tools is becoming increasingly popular and necessary. For the mobile office, it represents the way to quickly access, share and edit files, documents, photos, videos or any other digital media. There are several in the market, again all with some free basic version. Among the most popular, we have:

Google Drive and Dropbox. It is recommended to use both for different purposes. Dropbox can be used as your file system where you can store digital media that you do not use as often. Google Drive on the other hand is most useful to have within reach for material of which you are making changes or editions, especially if you are working in a team.

Focused on those who work from their smartphones, there are important Apps that should not be missing when accepting the challenge of working from the cell phone:

WhatsApp. It is one of the best-known applications worldwide, so far it enjoys great popularity in the financial and business sector. It is ideal for monitoring workgroups; also, to send and receive all kinds of content (photographs, documents, invoices, payrolls, payment methods, videos, music, audio notes, among other important functions).

Its format is designed to work on smartphones. It currently exceeds 1 billion users and has become a viral App.

Trello. This App allows us to create within its structure an organizational chart with different workgroups in the same space. Its system is quite easy to use; it is available to everyone. It does not have any type of limitations in terms of the number of user’s patents and stimulates work and team collaboration.

Facebook Messenger. It is a text messaging App initially developed as part of the social network options Facebook. Its function is to allow users to manage the social network of Facebook that is connected allowing them to send and share messages through its structure.

These are some of the tools to equip your mobile office and thus be able to work from anywhere in the world. Now, in the cyber-universe, everything is possible.

SOURCEYohander Rodríguez
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