Investing in Green Businesses: Good For You and For The Planet

This transition towards Eco-friendly practices benefits all

Nowadays people are more aware and interested in acquiring products that do not produce negative impacts on the environment. For this reason, the investment that is currently preferred implies ecological protection. It is for this that there is a latent business opportunity in everything related to the ecological and green lifestyle. Starting an ecological business can be especially satisfactory since unlike the traditional one, a green activity helps to make the world a better place as well as being a great entrepreneurial option.

Therefore, the so-called “green companies” today are a reality in many countries. Whether new companies or veteran businesses, they have adapted their production systems, becoming aware of the need to take care of the environment in which we live. Thus, companies that have already adopted a circular (eco-friendly) economy model are seeing a world of opportunities open up before them in an increasingly competitive market.

Business actions for the protection of the environment:

  • Waste management: solutions in sewage treatment plants or in reusing the waste we generate, for example, manufacturing electricity with waste.
  • Eco-building and efficient rehabilitation: energy rehabilitation of old buildings or eco-building projects in new constructions.
  • Ecological agriculture and livestock: green consumption habits for consumers who look more for a food sector without manipulation in laboratories or chemical pesticides.
  • Commercialization of electric vehicles: they have almost the same functionality as vehicles that use gasoline or oil, with the difference that they do not emit noise or polluting gases, nor generate waste.
  • Store of ecological products: sale of products such as clothing, bags, covers and other products made of natural renewable inputs that are not aggressive with the environment.
  • Recycling company: a collection of discarded materials such as plastics, paper, cardboard, metals, glass, textiles, others.
  • Value, treatment or confinement centers: These require specialized centers to deal with what has been collected.
  • Manufacture, distribution and / or sale of biodegradable bags: replacing plastic materials.
  • Environmental consultant: make reports and offer solutions that allow greater efficiency in a given area. In turn, there is the possibility of conducting studies for companies, as many are exploring the ideas of green businesses and may need help from an expert in these areas.

To these examples, you can add any other productive activity subject to environmental criteria that lead to green growth. On the other hand, instilling a saving routine among the members of a company with small gestures:

  • How to turn off the light and computers when leaving the office.
  • Making the most of the sunlight entering through the windows.
  • Decrease as much as possible the use of heating or air conditioning.
  • Having equipment with low consumption technology.
  • Reducing the printing of paper and of course, recycling it.

All these steps can mean significant savings for your company, in addition to giving a break to the environment. Likewise, a company manages to reduce its operating costs by up to 30% by implementing environmentally friendly practices, such as the use of renewable energy, ecological materials, and technologies that consume fewer resources.

Also from the commercial point of view, green companies transmit an image of responsibility and commitment to the care of the environment that differentiates it in the market. A transparent company in its actions that advocates for the three 3R’s: Reduce, Recycle and Reuse is always better perceived by the public.

Green companies emerge today as a great alternative that contributes to the care of the environment. The task of directing society to a green economy belongs to everyone. Any action that leads to the protection of the environment and to the awareness of the need to adopt new lifestyles aimed at the implementation of a green society must be applauded and must always count on our support.

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SOURCEEdixon Colmenarez
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  1. I liked that you explained that sunlight can really help you out with green management. It is nice to know that it would be smart to look into recycling. I would want to talk to a green energy expert on how solutions will work for me.

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