Costa Rica in the Month of the Arbor Day: Great Environmental purpose Continue Adding Up

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    In Costa Rica, not only is celebrated in this month (June), World Oceans Day is also a great emphasis on the National Day of the Tree, a special date that was made official by President Alfredo González through the Executive Decree No. 14 of May 25, 1915.

    Although, we can highlight that in Costa Rica, activities are constantly being developed to strengthen our green environments, the incredible biodiversity that captivates us every day.

    The Day of the Tree highlights the importance of being aware and protecting our forest resources that, without a doubt, are indispensable for our humanity. As well as all, trees have rights, to be cared for, respected, to grow and to fulfill their cycle.

    In this beautiful country, there are more than 200 species of trees, each one of them fulfills functions, contributions to our society both economically, culturally and scientifically; a tree, roof, provider of fire (heat), rest, protection, oxygen and recreation for so many generations.

    A very significant fact for the Central American country is that the Guanacaste tree was declared as the National Tree, by Decree No.7, on August 31, 1959.

    Actions that give environmental life

    The Josefina community of Los Cipreses, in Barrio México, commemorated in an authentic and emotional way the National Tree Day; an activity that had the presence of 80 volunteers of tourist companies, with the purpose of planting 150 trees, collecting waste and collaborating in the construction of a playground.

    It is worth mentioning that this was the 3rd Conference for Sustainability of the International Conference on Sustainable Tourism P3, which will be held from September 4 to 6 at the Convention Center and is organized by the National Chamber of Ecotourism and Sustainable Tourism (CANAECO).

    Costas Verdes continues to surprise us

    Some time ago, at The Costa Rica News, we prepared an exclusive interview with Federico Gutiérrez, who is the Project Director at the Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), Costas Verdes (CV), this great entrepreneur, for many years he has accompanied the Director of (CV), Daniel Uribe in each initiative to promote in each space of Costa Rica what is tree planting.

    We remember what Gutiérrez said, that “Costas Verdes is from the -community for the Costa Rican community-“, where they include children who, through schools, learn the value of planting a tree and then be aware of their care.

    In relation to the day of the tree, Costas Verdes stressed that this date has value for them and showed a copy of Ceibo Barrigón (Pseudobombax Septenatum), “we honor our elder brothers, our trees,” said representatives of the organization.

    To contribute is to value, to want, to develop

    The president of Costa Rica, Don Carlos Alvarado, joined Thousands of citizens who have planted trees accompanying the Costas Verdes organization, all in favor of returning the coastal forest to the beaches of the country.

    The action was carried out in the National Wildlife Refuge Playa Hermosa-Punta Mala.

    Each contribution is valid, as long as it is to strengthen, educate and give the world a more sustainable meaning. That there are acts not due to environmental spaces of Costa Rica, if there are, therefore it is always good to be part of solutions and that is more numerous here. From planting trees, cleaning the surroundings, talking about their care and more. From The Costa Rica News, we echo “one more tree, oxygen to our life”.

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